Time schedules for Attic concerts in Belgrade and Novi Sad are published!

Waiting for the famous German horror heavy metal machinery Attic will soon come to an end, because in a few days this band will rumble trough Serbia. Attic will perform in Belgrade’s “Dom Omladine” on May 24, and a day later on Monday, May 25, in Novi Sad in “The Quarter” club. In Belgrade they will be supported by a new doom band The Father of Serpents and a fresh heavy metal masters Thundersteel, which will follow Attic in Novi Sad also. Unfortunately, The Father of Serpents won’t be able to perform in Novi Sad for justified reasons.

Attic is a relatively young band from Germany. Since their appearance on the scene in 2010 they’ve had a big number of fans, especially among the admirers of King Diamond, considering that they base their music on his figure and work. Not long after the release of their first EP the band has signed for a famous label “VAN Records” and things have started to develop in a rocket speed. They released their album “The Invocation” that has been sold out many times and it becomes inevitable on the playlists of all metal clubs and festivals.

Tickets are on sale at the price of 600 RSD in the stores in Belgrade – “Felix” and Novi Sad – “Mungos”. Those who are not able to buy tickets on the presale can book them by the e-mail address gromrecords@gmail.com. On the day of the concert the tickets will cost 800 RSD.
Both concerts will be enriched with a wide offer of underground distribution from Italy (Etrurian Legions), bands merchandise and special promo sales of a new Grom Records release We Worship DESASTER!

We would also like to mention that this is a ideal and rare opportunity for all faithful heavy metal fans from Balkans to come to Serbia to the Attic concert, having in mind that their tour unfortunately doesn’t include most of the countries on Balkans.

Concerts time schedules:

May 24 Belgrade - Dom Omladine:

20:30 – Enter
23:00 – ATTIC

May 25 Novi Sad – The Quarter:

20:30 – Enter
22:30 - ATTIC