Sacramental Blood - Your ears will bleed!

Thirteen bloody years have passed since Belgrade’s brutal death metal veterans have started spreading their disease like a plague. Persistent in their goals and loyal to their story, this band is definitely one of those that should be given a due respect by every young and old true metal follower. After their demo release “The Second death”, they’ve recently finished recording their debut album “Thernion Demonarchy” that they guaranty will make your ears bleed. Extreme Review Magazine crew brings you an interview with a well known Serbian band Sacramental Blood.

1. How did you come to an idea to form a band that January 2002 ?

Few months prior to that I decided to put to rest my ex band Androphagous since I couldn't complete the line up for more than 3 years. Two months later I got a phone call from our drummer Ivan who heard about the band and wanted to join us. I told him the band was over but he insisted that we should jam together and so I gave it one last chance and we played one rehearsal at the end of 2001. We figure out that we can maybe make it work so Ivan took few weeks to get back in shape his condition and in January 2002 we officially started new band Sacramental Blood.

2. Who made the first lineup at the beginning, and has it change since?

For the first 6 months it was only 3 of us, me on guitar, Ivan Petrovic on drumms and ex Androphagous guitarist Dusan Vucicevic on bass/vocals (he switched 1 month later to guitar).  After the first show we got our first bass player Milan Suput and after first 2 shows played with ex Androphagous vocalist Vampir as session member we found our first singer Kosta Kovacevic. Since than we have changed line up many times but the last one is definitely the strongest one and besides me and Ivan we have Srdjan Todorovic on guitars/vocals and Marko Curcic (ex Toxic Trace) on bass.

3. In March your first demo "Inception of Ceremony" comes out. Has Sacramental blood change in its lyrical and music ideas since and how much did it change?

Not exactly in March. We did 2 unofficial demos in 2003 and 2004 and first official demo "Inception of Ceremony" was recorded in October/November 2005 and released on 1st of April 2006 through Walk records. I wouldn't say we changed much our lyrical direction. It's been pretty much the same but in 2003 we parted ways with our bass player who wrote 2/3 of lyrics on debut demo. I took over that role and my style of writing is bit different from his. Also his English wasn't that good so I think our lyrics suffered a bit from broken English on that demo. Music is in the same vein, which is kind of old school brutal technical death metal and we changed only vocals by mixing growl vocals with Obituary/Asphyx kind of singing.

4. Not long after, the band started cooperating with Brasillian brutal death metal band Ophiolatry. Tell us something more about that split and the cooperation itself.

During recording session of "Inception of Ceremony" Walk Records asked us to consider possibility of releasing split cd instead of SB demo CD. They had proposed some other band but we asked if we could team up with Ophiolatry, since we were already working with them on our first EU tour. Both Ophiolatry and Walk were interested in this project and Brazilians soon recorded 5-6 new songs exclusively for that split CD and in July 2006 we went together on European Blastour 2006, which was unique experience for all of us. We are still in touch with those guys, hoping that we can do some day EU Blastour pt II.

5. During 2011 you release your second demo called "The Second Death". As we can see the artwork for it is quite interesting. Who was the creator of it? Could you tell us something more about the demo itself?

"The Second Death" was recorded in 2011 but it wasn't released until mid 2013. I made our artwork as well as artwork  of Heretical Guilt for that CD. The split CD is symbolicaly entitled "Triple Death Threat" and so every band is presented with 3 songs. Our demo includes intro, brand new song "Derelict Throne of God" and cover of Kreator's "Storming With Menace". It was recorded in Del Arno Band's studio by  Karlo Testen from Space Eater. Interesting thing is that we went through major line up change during those recording sessions. Milan Suput who previously returned to band supposed to record bass on it and Marko Gospavic was vocalist at the time we entered the studio, but within few days we parted ways with both of them and Srdjan who supposed to record only 2 solos took over the microphone and became our full time guitarist/vocalist. I also recorded all bass lines on it. This was crucial line up change as Srdjan's vocals gave us more unique sound and set us aside from many other brutal death metal bands since he is using more early 90-ies kind of vocals that will remind you of Obituary,Death, Morgoth,Pestilence etc.

6. Macedonian record label "Darzamadicus Records" releases a split in 2013 called "Triple Death Threat". Along with bands "Heretical Guilt" and "Blaspherion", "Sacramental Blood" also took part on this excellent split edition. How satisfied are you with that spit, and how wide is your cooperation with other bands?

We are satisfied with CD but we are not satisfied with promotion label did for it. They spreaded all their copies quite fast through their distro partners and did absolutely no promotion for it. They haven't send not even 1 promo CD to some magazine/webzine for review so there was no promotional use of this CD at all. HG are not active that much so there's not much space for some bigger cooperation with them. Blasphererion is the 2nd band of our vocalist Srdjan but they haven't been active for years so we cooperate only with him.  :)

7. You've performed at many Serbian and foreign festivals and concerts. Which one stands out as the most memorable one?

Probably Mountains of Death fest in Swiss stands out as the most professional fest we have played so far. We supposed to play the same year on Brutal Assault fest but organizers didn't provide us necessary papers and we couldn't get visas on time so we had to cancell it. Otherwise that would be our biggest show to date.

8. What do you think about today's Serbian death metal scene and it's bands? How different are they comparing to foreign bands in the genre? Could you recommend some Serbian band to our readers?

If Heretical Guilt and Blasphererion were more active our metal scene would be lot more interesting. I picked those 2 bands for the split CD so obviously I would recommend both bands. I also like Wolf's Hunger (which is not death metal band) and I can listen to few more thrash bands but I'm not really their big fan. We need lot more death metal bands if we want to say that we have death metal scene. That being said I can only add that we need more dedicated and more original death metal bands if we want to get compared to some other well developed scene.

9. Last summer you released the single "Destroyer of Thought and Form" which announces your new album "Ternion Demonarchy". Tell us more about the album. Where was it recorded and how did the recording go?

The basic tracks were recorded in 2009 in Wild Cat studio in Kragujevac,the same studio we used for recording of "Inception of Ceremony". We tried to mix it there but it sounded like shit so we decided to use some other studio for mixing and mastering. However after the "Storming the Balkans tour 2009" with God Dethroned and Fleshgod Apocalypse we run into problems with some ex members and we had to put that album on ice and wait for some better times to finish it. After recording of "The Second Death" demo and "Disgorging the Balkans tour" with Disgorge and Natron we realised it was time to start working on it again. The result of "The Second Death" showed us the direction we should go so we decided to re-record all vocals and majority of guitar leads and we used  few different studios for that and services of Igor Loncar (ex Awaiting Fear) to complete the album. Unfortunatelly The 16th Cellar studio in Rome and Stefano Morabito were too busy so it took another year to get some studio time there and do reamping, mixing and mastering of "Ternion Demonarchy". It took us so long but the final result is far, far away from what we started in 2009 so I wouldn't change anything about it.

10. As is usual, lots of great bands from Serbia and abroad have trouble finding the publisher. Apropos to that, in which direction are the plans for your new album going? Are there any good news on that field?

Yes, you are right.The scene is overpopulated by so many bands that is really hard to catch some labels' attention. We tried with so many of them, sometimes we had to write the same label or send them album 5-6 times before they decide to check it out. We got good response from many labels, even the big ones but we also got turned down by 10 times more labels, that didn't even listen to album. To be honest I'm not sure where are we at this moment. We got good offer from some label from Japan but we have been waiting for their contract for more than a month. In a meantime some friends told us that some major label is willing to check us out and right now we are also waiting for their response. I won't mention any names at this moment but I believe we have a good chances to see album released in this year so let's cross the fingers and hope it won't take too long

11. Thanks for the conversation! Would you like to send some message to your fans?

Thank you for the interview. Make sure to check out "Ternion Demonarchy" once it get released, it's going to make your ears bleed.