The Hell - Welcome to...

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Satanath Records 
Fomat: CD

Our view : 85 %

A group of passionate lovers of extreme metal, already well known on Serbian metal scene, gathered in 2013 to form a new band. The mentioned band is consistent of former members of Belgrade’s Death Metal machine Awaiting Fear, a doom band Rain Delay and Consecration. The mentioned ones are Igor Lončar, Željko Zec, Milan Šuput, Marko Mrčarica and the vocal named Tamerlan. This balck flame has started to be talked about even before their first album came out. However, the time has come for these black wings to take off and dash trough this scene, and the beginning of their devastation has quite a clever name – “Welcome to…”

In cooperation with “Satanath Records”, “Morbid Shrine productions” and “Darzamadicus Records” the Hell’s debut album “Welcome to…” got into the infernal fight. At the first glance, before even listening, it must be said that the design doesn’t leave such a brutal and unique impression that we’re used to see in the death metal world, but in every point it covers everything that The Hell offers us and it certainly corresponds with the lyrical theme of this album. Front cover was done by Slobodan Jovanović (“Art of Doom”), music was written by Igor Lončar and lyrics by Tamerlan, except for the song “Amen” which was written and performed by Satan.

As the most Death Metal albums this one also thrives with aggression, raw sound and fast guitar and drum parts. The thing that makes this album stand out from most of Serbian Death Metal albums is involvement of multiple singers in different songs which makes the whole thing more interesting and dynamic. Thus, in the song “Bred for Slavery” the guest is Danilo Dača Trbojević from the band Nadimač, who mastered his Death Metal vocal skills back in the band Daggerspawn. The song “Spirityula Necrosis” hosts Atteringer(Triumphal/Gorgoroth), and the song “The Human Harvest Fields” is enriched by the guest vocal Djole (Azazel/Soul in Cage/War Ensemble).

The sound production was in charged by the guitarist Igor Lončar, and we can say that it is at a high level, although we hope that in the future it will get better. All in all, this is quite good presentation of this Death Metal machinery. The influence of well known bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, etc. is qute obvious, however The Hell is considerably open with experimenting with modern sound. As we can see, the name of the album itself (Welcome to…) implies that this band is not going to stop at this, and that The Hell is yet to burn!

Song list:

1. Gates Into Reality (Intro)
2. Welcome To Our World
3. Bred For Slavery
4. High On Murder
5. The One Who Brings Redemption
6. Spiritual Necrosis
7. The Human Harvest Fields
8. Philosophy Of Vengeance
9. Genocidal Wrath
10. LeMarchand
11. Amen!