Thundersteel - The Exorcism

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label: Tmina Records

Format: CD
Our view : 87 %

Serbian metal cannot boast with a large number of serious bands that can express and present themselves in a proper way. Classical heavy sound that captivates all true lovers of this genre with its old and very well known structure, it comes from Novi Sad (Serbia). It is about the band Thundersteel founded in 2012, which starting as a solid cover band became a true heavy metal bomb. In 2013 they recorded their first album "The Exorcism", which came out in 2013. labeled by a well known Serbian "Tmina Records".

Creaking tires, hot asphalt covered in leather and studs is a characteristic way of life of true metal rebels. Heavy and also melodic sound of the song "Anger of the Road" opens the gates of the album "The Exorcism". Guitar riffs along with high solo parts and classical vocal scream bursts are the right choice to begin a crazy ride with Thundersteel. Like a thunder follows the next song "Outlaw Lament", which rays with its classical heavy riffs and clearly accentuated refrain which completes the whole impression for the auditorium. The second song will already fury your appetite and make you rage for more! Slower but strong and melodic piece "Ride the trigger" enlightens us to all the capabilities that this band carries. Set your sails and ride the seas of an extraordinary fourth song "Sail away" that will win over every heavy metal adventurer's heart. Amazing guitar parts and riffs along with pure, high and slightly epic heavy metal sound will invoke the true feeling of this sail. After this one Thundersteel will take you to the hellish ride through the songs called "Stand Up", "Idols Castle of Light" and "Lock em out". The eight song on the album is a dark ambient intro to the song "The Exorcism" by which this album is named. If you ask us, this intro will take you through the old satanic horror movies popular in the '80, and seal this band into a true timeless heavy metal story. Following song "The Exorcism" is musically and lyrically sophisticated piece of the true heavy masters. The last song "Past Time Lords" is closing this album with its captivating and alluring strength.

As for the sound production, this album completely satisfies all technical criteria for a band like this. This album will definitely be more heard of, and who knows how far will the voice of Thundersteel reach. This is the name that will certainly gather all of the harsh old sound and leather lovers. If you haven't you should certainly listen to this album as soon as possible!