Ophidian Coil – Denial I Will I Becoming

Genre: Black Metal

Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions

Format: CD
Our view : 88 %

Serbian black metal scene has grown significantly, especially in the past several years. However, among plenty of bands who look and sound alike, only the creative ones can actually stand out and bring the aura of the dark art just as black metal is. In May 2013 in Belgrade, the bowls of hell have disgorged the band Ophidian Coil, a curious venom that is yet to veil the souls of the black sons. In 2014 the band publishes their first demo, followed by the first EP “Denial I Will I Becoming” in February 2015 labeled by “Obscure Abhorrence Productions”. Extreme review magazine crew invites you to unwind the mysteries of this occult music and follow the path where Ophidian Coil takes you.

Every story has its beginning, its roots and the very act of existence. Likewise, this ritual begins with creepy distant sounds of the organ and church bells as an intro called “Becoming”.  Even though it may sound as an ordinary introduction to an EP, while getting to know the whole piece “Denial I Will I Becoming” it becomes clear that this intro was fundamental in creating the right atmosphere. A drum bridge leads us directly to “Gloria In Deo”, a song that the true fans will recognize from the band’s first demo. Piercing scream and growl vocals along with dark, melodic guitar riffs are raging throughout this song. The piece is lyrically and musically perfectly composed in a magnificent whole simply driving you trough the act of glorifying the king of kings. Lyrics in Latin depict the whole story about the One and Only, Lord of renegades whose flame still burns from the dark, altogether enriched with deep, mystic choir tenors that end the song dramatically. The name of the next song, “Hymns of Deflesh”, brings the clear picture of what awaits you in this deadly madness. Theatrical guitar riffs, deep growling and strong hits of a double bass pedal will portray the death and bloodbath bearer himself right before your eyes. In the end of this song a subtle guitar solo will make you understand that this EP is a completely original black metal piece. Strolling through the song “Manifestum Mortis”, also included in the first demo edition, we are coming to the last song on this EP “Thousand Voices of Devil's Call” which will escort you directly to the darkest calls of the eternal flames.

Ophidian Coil represents the bridge between the black metal oldschool and modern approach that has kept its harmony, energy and fully authentic art. At last, it is important to mention that the artwork was done by one of the band members (Opposition Artworks), which makes the message that this band sends to their auditorium even more personal. All in all, Ophidian Coil is just starting to spread their dark ways trough the black metal forest, and according to this EP no one will escape this venomous snake.