Sacramental Blood - Ternion Demonarchy

*This photo was taken from the single "Destroyer of Thought and Form" and has no connection with the original front cover of the album "Ternion Demonarchy" which is in preparation.

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

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Our view : 90 %

Recently we’ve had the chance to talk to the band Sacramental Blood, and among other things we have discussed their new album. Extreme Review brings you an exclusive first impression on their brutal debut massacre “Ternion Demonarchy”.

On the very beginning we must mention that there are a very few bands in Serbia that are truly loyal to their work for so many years as the band Sacramental Blood is. Years of collecting rage, bloody thoughts and a brutal devotion to their music has been grown by no one else but these guys. Judging by what we’ve heard, no one will be left indifferent, ‘cause this album is yet to come for its own!

The first piece on this album is the song called “Demonized”. Hearing its first notes you will ask yourself: “Is it possible that the new Sacramental Blood has arrived?!”. The song simply rocks, fast double drum-kicks with surreal, magnificent vocal parts and squealing guitar riffs will make the melody of “Demonized” echo in your mind for a very long time. Deadly bass lines are completing this demonic madness, along with extremely fast guitar solo parts. Quick bridge and we’re passing to the second song - “Buildings of Burning Flesh”. The name itself implies that this album is not for everyone ‘cause this death metal insanity won’t please the ears of innocent victims that this album will take with it. The storm of fast instrumental and perfectly tuned vocal lines has merged in this sermon of sadistic triumph of misanthropy. With the following verse saying: “Destined to be nearest to the God who eats of your flesh and drinks of your blood” you shall prepare for a massive plague brought by the song “Nearest to the God”. In this song Sacramental blood tells you that the promise of heaven is nothing more than a lie and we state that a liar is anyone who says that this band is not praiseworthy. Devastation is continued with a well known song “Destroyer of thought and form” that waited for some time to be a part of a magnificent whole piece “Ternion Demonarchy”. The next song is “Sanctimonius”, a melodic but also a creepy beginning leads us to a complete bone shatter. Penetrating and sick vocal and drum bridges and brakes carry us trough the total guitar and bass madness mixed in the darkest caldron that is boiling this song. The knowledge and skills of this band is a huge thing that many other bands could just envy. From one song to another these guys are showing that their music experience has no limits and that they are the true veterans of brutal death metal genre. Riding trough the song “Livid deaths descend”, we’re coming to the last, vigorous piece called “Impose resurrection” that closes this album.

As we can see the sound production is at a high and very serious level. All in all, mixing the influence of Florida’s death metal scene and European death metal mentality, all which painted with years of work and effort in post-war, harsh surroundings in Serbia, it results with something that can not be seen every day. It will now be definitely clear to many people what is a true, brutal death metal urge, the one that has succeeded to overcome all obstacles and present the veterans like Sacramental Blood in the best and the most sincere way possible. So, prepare your innocent ears for another slaughter, the time for Ternion Demonarchy has come!