Alitor, Few Reasons Why and Ultramotion on 15th October in Belgrade’s Dom Omladine!

As an overture for the concert of thrash metal legends –Annihilator, Serbian Hellbangers has announced a phenomenal warm up event. The official warm up concert will be held on October 15th in Dom Omladine in Belgrade. The bands that will cook up the atmosphere a day before the Annihilator concert are Alitor, Few Reasons Why and Ultramotion.

At this warm up you will be able to witness some Xtreme Dj-ing, distro offers, as well as some gifts for the visitors at the entrance. 

Superhammer & In From The Cold as a support for Planet of Zeus!

Live – 31. 10. 2015. Božidarac, Beograd– 20h

Greek stoner metal attraction PLANET OF ZEUS for the first time in Belgrade!
After two phenomenal concerts on EXIT festival in 2012 and 2014, as well as a solo concert in crowded Fabrika in Novi Sad, the band is finally coming to Belgrade. The audience from Novi Sad will be able to see them again in Fabrika in Novi Sad on 30th October.
As a special support in Belgrade you will be able to listen to: SUPERHAMMER from Inđija, as well as IN FROM THE COLD from Belgrade.
Prepare yourselves for the true Stoner Doom Sludge experience!

Tickets on presale in Felix shop from October 1st :

Presale price 500RSD
At the day of the concert 700RSD

Armageddon – Eternal Mystery Rediscovered

Genre:Progressive / Symphonic Metal 

Label: Tmina Records

Format: CD

Our view : 82 %

Lately we’ve been witnessing a big comeback of Serbian metal bands who ruled the scene back in the ‘90s when, in the opinion of many critics, metal music reached the very peak of its success and quality. Speaking of famous Serbian heavy metal bands and not mentioning the band Armageddon would be a big fiasco. This time we’ve had the chance to listen to something old yet covered in new feathers by a legendary Armageddon. Why it is old but new at the same time will be discovered later in the article, while we assure you that this band won’t disappoint you.

Armageddon is a bend from Novi Sad which is one of the first Progressive/Symphonic Metal bands in our region. Under the patronage of “Tmina Records” the band published a re-release of its legendary debut album “The Eternal Mystery”. Now more than two decades old, recorded in the period between 1990 and 1993, “the Eternal Mystery” got its new robe and brought us something outstanding and beyond any doubt a more perfect piece. The name of the whole remixed and extended edition is “Eternal Mystery – Rediscovered”, and believe it or not, unlike the first one recorded on 8channels, this edition was recorded on as much as 128 channels. The first impression is breathtaking in accordance to the fact that the crew that gathered around this project is magnificent, and it counts the string quartet, opera singers and the professional choir of Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad.

Armageddon takes us to its refugee of fantasy mixed with progressive elements with the overture named “Appearing”, which represents an epic theatrical entrance to story of the “Eternal Mystery”. At the very beginning we can recognize a clear fusion of progressive electronic effects and meticulous choir elements, all that colored in a typical story full of fantasy. “No Advice”, the next piece is an extended version of a song recorded in the early ‘90s. Classical heavy metal riffs combined with a brilliant guitar solo parts with a narration on top of that which passes through the whole album giving it an avant-garde taste. A song “The Curse of Black Swan (Intro)”, together with a song “Black Swan Rider” takes us to a dimension of true power metal, and the true lovers of this genre will recognize this song performed by the popular Serbian power metal band Tornado. Fifth in a row is a song “Magic star” which has, besides a few effects and the already mentioned narration, stayed almost completely identical as when first recorded in 1990. A heavy power piece like this has the ability to evoke the same emotions for twenty five years, proving that Armageddon’s piece withstands time. Travelling through the song “Sarabanda in D Minor” we’re arriving to a supreme musical piece “Heavy Metal Symphony Eternal Mystery”. Immortal metal composition full of melodic and atmospheric elements, tucked in the aura of classical music, having in mind that this outstanding piece lasts nearly 28 minutes it is a rarity in metal world, especially in Balkans. Even after this Armageddon doesn’t leave us hungry for powerful tunes, actually, this album contains radio bonus tapes such as shortened version of songs “No Advice” and “Heavy Metal Symphony”, a song “Funeral March – Sarabanda 2015” and a live song “Mordor Overture”.

In our modest opinion, this re-edition of a legendary album certainly presents a one of a kind rebirth in the best possible light. Surely, the sound production on this piece was challenging, which can be noticed in some parts where the digital form hardly fits the oldschool heavy metal aroma, on the other hand, the fact that a professional team of many musicians took part in this project says that this piece is indeed valuable. Besides the spectacular musical value, this album is completed with an excellent design that follows the idea of this band and its symphonic progressive focus, with the label “Tmina Records” making its best efforts to set the quality level very high. 

This re release is a thing that every true metal fan should listen to and have in their collection, because judging by what Armageddon has presented us now we can expect a lot from it in the future which is proven by their performance on EXIT festival this year. This pace, wideness and the idea is exactly what can launch Armageddon up to the top leaving us anticipating for their forthcoming work. Up until then we recommend “Eternal Mystery – Rediscovered” to all lovers of Progressive Symphonic metal and faithful followers of Power Heavy sound. Be sure that this bridge between reality and fantasy, modern and traditional, classic and heavy metal will take you into the Eternal Mystery.

Fjorsvartnir - Mzoraxc' forbandelse

Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Label: Grom Records

Format: CD

Our view : 92 %

It is very well known that in the past two decades the Scandinavian metal scene has achieved what only few regions in the world managed in metal music. Frozen in the shackles of the specific music and above all the dark Nordic metal, Scandinavia is already a built creation of a special metal world. It is obvious that the Norse mythological segment often prevails in Scandinavian metal elements and that he is just one major brand of Nordic image. On the other hand, countless bands at full speed every day present their fans sometimes very similar and therefore ragged things that begin to resemble each other and lose their quality and originality in this “flood”. It is exactly the same situation in the black metal world for years. However, any remotely experienced listener is ready to recognize what comes from the depths of the soul and a way of life of Northerners and the one that does not constitute a mere copy and already seen things. Not every band or project can offer that to you completely, but when you find it you will firmly hold to it.

This time the story takes us to Denmark, from where the band Fjorsvartnir comes. The band was formed in 2007 as a melodic black metal one-man project consisting of a Fjörgynn , who is also known as the drummer of the band Blodarv in which he formerly participated. After the first demo release "A Praise To My Ancestors preponderance" of 2010, the band released her first album “Legions Of The North” in 2012 for the Serbian Grom Records, and this summer Fjorsvartnir brings us the new album “Mzoraxc ' Forbandelse”, which we’ve had the opportunity to listen to.

Melodic intro at the beginning of the first song “Ravneskrig Og Ulvehyl” has entirely introduced the listener into what is characteristic for Fjorsvartnir. Convincing epic elements permeate the whole album completely, while the mentioned track is enriched with atmospheric pagan details. Sudden and lightning-fast changes of rhythm and intonation add the special charm to the melody that Fjörgynn raised to a higher level this time. The next track “Nordens Genopstandelse” with the same story and rhythm evokes the Nordic power that dominates on this album. By far it is already clear that Fjorsvartnir pushes the boundaries of musical abilities and emotional energy which is much more assertive on this album. The same thing finds us on tracks “En rejse igennem fortidens Riger”, “Riget”, “Mzoraxc - Mødet med underverdenen”, each of which build a solid and totally original base. Epic moments prevail also in the sixth track called “Krigssat” in which a beautiful female pagan vocal captivates us bringing the raw verses in an enchanting and intoxicating way. The manifestation of power continues in rough and fast song “Der sidste slag”, while the last track “Valkyrie” brought with perfect emotional female voice of Nanna Barslev (from the band Huldre), closes this album.

Unlike their work in the beginning, we’ve noticed that the “Mozarxc’ Forbandelse” has shown not only the improvement in Fjorsvartnir’s work, but the skill, strength and talent of one man. Therefore it should be mentioned that the production is at a very high level, nor the design is not lagging a bit. The credit for that goes to Dragan Paunovic but to Fjörgynn as well. As for the complaints, they are so tiny and invisible to almost non-existent. It’s certain that those not speaking Danish can’t fully understand every lyrical message of this album, but Fjorgynn made ​​sure that the music is so severe emotional, strong and devastating that It itself is a language that we all understand without any mistake. At the beginning we’ve mentioned the rare ones who will be able to enchant their audience with their skills and music from the very depths of Norse soul, and Fjorsvartnir is certainly one of them. 

The trail of dead steps: Dead crossover coming this fall!

Band REDENIK from Belgrade announced the autumn release of their first EP caleed "Mrtvi Crossover". This mini album will contain 7 tracks painted in the blackest necro morbid style, while packed in a parodic metal/punk interpretation. As well as a CD issue, backed by "Dirty Malice Productions" (Belgrade), "Mrtvi Crossover" will get its version on an audio cassette under the auspice of "Grim Reaper Records" (Stara Pazova).

Disk and tape, as well as the very promotion of the EP can be expected this October, and in the meantime REDENIK has released 2 tracks which will attempt to warm the lovers of dark thrash metal and parodic punk. REDENIK was founded in 2014, when they released their first demo material "Unakaženi Um". These songs took part in the cassette split release " Krezivi revolt " ( Redenik / Nadimač / Pro- Past ).

Khors and Apostate on 6th November in Novi Sad

Years of hard working and being on the scene have shaped up the band KHORS as one of the most active and the best quality Eastern European underground Black Pagan Metal bands, which is also proven by their newest, sixth in a row, album published for the legendary “Candlelight Records”. After few not so successful attempts, the band will finally perform in front our audience. 

The concert will be held in Novi Sad in “The Quarter” on 6th November, organized by “Awaken Productions”.Their fans will be in opportunity to enjoy a real Doom Death Metal sound the same night. The special guests that will fulfill the atmosphere at “The Quarter” are the veterans from Ukraine – APOSTATE, who date since 1993. They will also promote their newest studio album published this year.

The tickets will be on sale starting from 1st September in Mungos and Felix at the presale price of 500RSD, and the price at the day of the concert will be 800RSD.

The support from Serbia that will join these guys will be published soon.

The tickets for Arkona and Korpiklaani are on sale!

This fall MH Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers bring you an outstanding folk metal spectacle.

One of the leading folk metal bands, KORPIKLAANI from Finland, sets off on European tour in which they will visit Belgrade for the first time. They’ve recently published their new, ninth in their opus, album called “Noita” for “Nuclear Blast Records”.

Their special guests will be no one else but the Russian pagan/folk metal band ARKONA, beloved by our audience, whose concerts thrive with special emotional charge. ARKONA is still promoting their latest album “Yav’, published last year for “Napalm Records” which includes the famous song Serbia which was dedicated to our country.

The concert will be held on 27th October in Belgrade’s Dom Omladine and you can purchase your tickets at a special price of 1800RSD until August 20th after which the price will be 2300RSD, and at the day of the concert you can buy it for 2900RSD. Don’t miss this special offer and secure your place on this outstanding spectacle!

First demo from Serbian thrashers "Pajser"!

A break trough of a new thrash metal band from Brus is a proof that Serbian underground scene is still alive.  They are loyal old school thrash metal with an uncompromising attitude, this new machinery brings us direct and brutal lyrical bombs that will strike you right in the head!

A first demo of the band Pajser will be published by “Jesboligakurac Records” and it will come on a CD and a cassette edition. Jesboligakurac Records, a crew with a hard core, will cheer all thrash metal maniacs with this edition, and the band Pajser is recommended especially to those who favor bands like the old German Sodom or Serbian old school thrash bands like Bombarder and Heller.

As we’re informed, the new demo of the band Pajser comes out very soon and you can pre order your copy via Jesboligakurac Records. Hurry up ‘cause this edition is limited. Pajser is coming!

Armageddon “Eternal Mystery Rediscovered” - new clothes for a proven classic

TMINA Records brings you a forgotten treasure mounted in a new shine – a rerelease of Armageddon’s old album “Eternal Mystery”.

Heavy Metal veterans from Novi Sad, Armageddon, were founded in 1987 by Djordje Letich, at first as a one-man band and considered to be the first symphonic power/prog metal band in south eastern Europe. This solo was a combination of heavy metal and various musical streams creating an experimental and original mixture meticulously combined. Armageddon had no concert performances until 2012 at Exit festival, soon followed by the “Doomsday Concert” in december 2012.

What started as a one-man band, grew to be the “big band” with up to twelve live performers at the time. A big number of members counts singers: Milos Krsmanovic – lead vocal, Vanda Marijanski – mecosopran, Marko Skendzic – tenor, Zeljko Andric – bass-bariton, Vladimir Zorijan– bass; musicians: DjordjeLetic – electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and narrator, Zoran Drazic – electric and acoustic guitars, NebojsaBjeletic – bass guitar, Milos Marceta – keyboards, Tara Kerac – drums, growl vocals. 

Armageddon has recorded several demo albums and a few official releases including the “Doomsday Concert”.Twenty five years ago, in poor conditions and analogue equipment with only eight channels, the “Eternal Mystery” was first recorded. Today, Armageddon brings a rerecorded, remixed and remastered version for you to “Rediscover”! This narrated symphonic journey will lead you trough secrets of life and death on the wings of repolished extended songs. 

“Eternal Mystery Rediscovered” is available since July 10th in Digital and limited CD edition.

NEW RELEASE by Grom Records - Fjorsvartnir's "'Mzoraxc' Forbandelse" is out!

GromRecords proudly presents the new album by FJORSVARTNIR – “Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse” released on 1st August 2015.

The band Fjorsvartnir was formed in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2010 they emerge on the scene by releasing their first demo “A Praise to My Ancestors Preponderance”. Their debut album “Legions of the North” was released in 2012 by Grom Records, with its covers authentically designed and illustrated by Dragan Paunović who was also in charge of the newest album cover. 

All true lovers of Vikings, battles and Norse mythology won’t be able to resist the sound and theme of Fjorsvartnir. After three years of creation and perfecting to the very details Fjorsvartnir and Grom Records bring us this masterpiece of dark atmospheric Black Metal. “Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse” is released as a standard jewel case CD in 1000 copies and first 50 fans that purchase the album will be awarded with a gift. The album consists of six songs: "Ravneskrig og ulvehyl", "Nordens genopstandelse", "En rejse igennem fortidens riger", "Mzoraxc - Mødet med underverdenen",  "Krigsat" and "Det sidste slag".

Regarding the new album, Fjorsvartnir says that they are satisfied with the sound and production quality in accordance to their goal to strive higher towards the perfection with greater attention to details and emotional atmosphere. They are happy to be able to provide a good quality sound to their loyal and patient fans all over the world and they greet them with a “Loud and roaring HAIL” dedicating this album and all their effort to them.

Grom records states that they are more than proud to have Fjorsvartnir “Back under their wings” as they say, and they invite all of you old traditional atmospheric Black Metal fans to grab this passionately created masterpiece and “rise your beers in the name of the new era of Fjorsvartnir!”