HCZ - Humor is the best way to communicate with the audience

When you hear that the new power of rock is spreading around Zaječar it is clear that we’re talking about the band HCZ. Not promoted enough, but for already four years not giving up on their goal. Lyrics painted in black humor, parody and local patriotism are one of recognizable elements of this young hardcore/metal band. It is time to get to know this raw power – Hard Core Zaječar.

1. Greetings HCZ! This year you’ve recorded the song “Zaječarsko Pivo”, it is a great promotion of local beer. What does the company say about that? Have they sent at least one promo package? 

A: Greetings to you to! The song has been posted on a ''Zaječarsko pivo'' Facebook page and we think they liked it. They promised us a promo package and eventualy some cooparation in the future.

2. A bottle of beer would now go down well, but let’s cut the comedy. You’ve performed in many places around Zaječar. Tell us about the hardcore/crossover scene in that part of Serbia. Which one of your gigs left the best impression?

A: We can not mention any other local HC band at the moment. The gig in Niš with Raw in Sect(Greece) was a wonderfull experince, but our favorite gig was in Knjaževac with Overdrive and Seljačka Buna.

3. As we’ve heard, your lyrics cover many themes, but most of them are humorous. Who writes them, and how important is that humor and parody for you?

A: Most of the lyrics were writen by lead singer Ivan. Humor and parody is very important because we think that's the best way to comunicate with the audience.

4. Your music leaves an impression of a very raw production. If the sound production would have been at the higher level, would the band be more popular and have more fans? Do you find that the sound production is irrelevant comparing to being loyal to your idea?

A:All the songs are recorded by guitarist Željko in his room (also known as ''Studio Šlajmara''). The band at the moment has no money for some studio recordings, but we think that the audience responce would be biger if we had proper production and promotion. Some great band's also started with shit production, and it has been proved that is not very important for some loyal fans.

5.Let’s make a digression and go back to your beginnings. Tell our readers more about your founding. When and where was the band established, who are the members, and have they changed since the beginning?

A: We are school budies and very good friends. Zaječar is a small town and we know eachother for a long time. We are in some way forced to stick together. In 2010 we decided to form the band and the band is in that same line-up. The band members are:

Ivan - Lead vocal
Željko - Guitar, Vocal
Aleksandar - Drums
Stefan - Bass

6. The band has planed to add another guitar to the sound. We are searching the right person at the time.We’ve read somewhere that HCZ plays “Zaječar’s hard core”. Is there something specific about that term? Tell us more about it.

A: We drag infuences from Serbian HC bands for it's lyrics themes but music is different. Since there is no term for that kind of combination we decided to call it like it's our own genre. HCZ stands for Hard Core Zaječar.

7. Which Serbian and international bands had the most influence on your music? What the HCZ crew listens to at home?

A: We all listen do different music. SMF, Tool, Lamb of God, Messuggah, Hatebreed, The Casulties, Halid Bešlić, Safet Alija, Južni Vetar can be heard in our presence and many more...

8. We could hear some cover song on your performances. Do you plan to continue working on that in future or do you plan to base your work particularly on authoring songs?

A: We have enough our own songs now and are now focused on our own material.

9. What are your plans for future? What’s cooking in HCZ’s kitchen?

A: We have few gigs planed at the time. In our kitchen sarma is the best thing that we can offer.

The Hell - Welcome to...

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Satanath Records 
Fomat: CD

Our view : 85 %

A group of passionate lovers of extreme metal, already well known on Serbian metal scene, gathered in 2013 to form a new band. The mentioned band is consistent of former members of Belgrade’s Death Metal machine Awaiting Fear, a doom band Rain Delay and Consecration. The mentioned ones are Igor Lončar, Željko Zec, Milan Šuput, Marko Mrčarica and the vocal named Tamerlan. This balck flame has started to be talked about even before their first album came out. However, the time has come for these black wings to take off and dash trough this scene, and the beginning of their devastation has quite a clever name – “Welcome to…”

In cooperation with “Satanath Records”, “Morbid Shrine productions” and “Darzamadicus Records” the Hell’s debut album “Welcome to…” got into the infernal fight. At the first glance, before even listening, it must be said that the design doesn’t leave such a brutal and unique impression that we’re used to see in the death metal world, but in every point it covers everything that The Hell offers us and it certainly corresponds with the lyrical theme of this album. Front cover was done by Slobodan Jovanović (“Art of Doom”), music was written by Igor Lončar and lyrics by Tamerlan, except for the song “Amen” which was written and performed by Satan.

As the most Death Metal albums this one also thrives with aggression, raw sound and fast guitar and drum parts. The thing that makes this album stand out from most of Serbian Death Metal albums is involvement of multiple singers in different songs which makes the whole thing more interesting and dynamic. Thus, in the song “Bred for Slavery” the guest is Danilo Dača Trbojević from the band Nadimač, who mastered his Death Metal vocal skills back in the band Daggerspawn. The song “Spirityula Necrosis” hosts Atteringer(Triumphal/Gorgoroth), and the song “The Human Harvest Fields” is enriched by the guest vocal Djole (Azazel/Soul in Cage/War Ensemble).

The sound production was in charged by the guitarist Igor Lončar, and we can say that it is at a high level, although we hope that in the future it will get better. All in all, this is quite good presentation of this Death Metal machinery. The influence of well known bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, etc. is qute obvious, however The Hell is considerably open with experimenting with modern sound. As we can see, the name of the album itself (Welcome to…) implies that this band is not going to stop at this, and that The Hell is yet to burn!

Song list:

1. Gates Into Reality (Intro)
2. Welcome To Our World
3. Bred For Slavery
4. High On Murder
5. The One Who Brings Redemption
6. Spiritual Necrosis
7. The Human Harvest Fields
8. Philosophy Of Vengeance
9. Genocidal Wrath
10. LeMarchand
11. Amen!

Superhammer supporting SAINT VITUS on June 7th!

The legends of Doom Metal sound, SAINT VITUS, will be followed by a Serbian Stoner/Metal band Superhammer on their concert in Belgrade’s “Dom Omladine” on June 7th. Superhammer comes from Indjija and it was formed in 2013. Recently they have presented their first album “Snakenest” which was labebled by “Miner Records”.

The tickets are on the presale price (2.400 RSD) in all “Eventim” stores, as well as in “Felix” in Belgrade and “Mungos” in Novi Sad. On the day of the concert tickets will cost 2800 RSD.

SAINT VITUS are one of the oldest Doom warriors on the scene. They are among the responsible ones for creating an army of bands and styles that rock the scene, and are very often listed as an inviolable inspiration and model.Their advent in Belgrade is a rare opportunity to see and hear them alive, so all of you Doomers prepare yourselves for a historical event!

Time schedules for Attic concerts in Belgrade and Novi Sad are published!

Waiting for the famous German horror heavy metal machinery Attic will soon come to an end, because in a few days this band will rumble trough Serbia. Attic will perform in Belgrade’s “Dom Omladine” on May 24, and a day later on Monday, May 25, in Novi Sad in “The Quarter” club. In Belgrade they will be supported by a new doom band The Father of Serpents and a fresh heavy metal masters Thundersteel, which will follow Attic in Novi Sad also. Unfortunately, The Father of Serpents won’t be able to perform in Novi Sad for justified reasons.

Attic is a relatively young band from Germany. Since their appearance on the scene in 2010 they’ve had a big number of fans, especially among the admirers of King Diamond, considering that they base their music on his figure and work. Not long after the release of their first EP the band has signed for a famous label “VAN Records” and things have started to develop in a rocket speed. They released their album “The Invocation” that has been sold out many times and it becomes inevitable on the playlists of all metal clubs and festivals.

Tickets are on sale at the price of 600 RSD in the stores in Belgrade – “Felix” and Novi Sad – “Mungos”. Those who are not able to buy tickets on the presale can book them by the e-mail address gromrecords@gmail.com. On the day of the concert the tickets will cost 800 RSD.
Both concerts will be enriched with a wide offer of underground distribution from Italy (Etrurian Legions), bands merchandise and special promo sales of a new Grom Records release We Worship DESASTER!

We would also like to mention that this is a ideal and rare opportunity for all faithful heavy metal fans from Balkans to come to Serbia to the Attic concert, having in mind that their tour unfortunately doesn’t include most of the countries on Balkans.

Concerts time schedules:

May 24 Belgrade - Dom Omladine:

20:30 – Enter
23:00 – ATTIC

May 25 Novi Sad – The Quarter:

20:30 – Enter
22:30 - ATTIC

Deathonation - Feel the striking agression

We've had the chance to talk to another young Thrash metal band. Check out our interview with Deathonation from Novi Sad.

1. When did you first came to idea to form the band Deathonation?

First of all, one big hello to Extreme Review from the Deathonation crew. The idea of forming a band came in 2012. by guitarist Predrag and me. The first name actually wasn`t Deathonation, we used to call that project Void Whisper, because the band never had a gig. After a several line-up changes Vladimir-bass player and guitarist Relja joined the band and we started to play as Deathonation.

2. Who made the first lineup of your band, and who does today?

Well as I said, Predrag and I were a former members of the band, there was also a drummer Mihajlo who has left the band few months after Vladimir and Relja to play with us and then our little crew joined the drummer Alen who was on this position until January 2015, when we had our last gig in Novi Sad with bands Kuga and War Engine. At the moment we are playing with our new drummer Sinisa, he is a great guy and most important of all a great drummer. He really filled the sound that we all wanted from the beginning.

3. In November 2014 your first EP comes out under the patronage of “Grim Reaper Records”. Tell us something more about the EP. Where was it recorded and how did it go? What song on the EP is the audience’s favorite?

Yes, the EP was published by Grim Reaper Records and it was recorded in summer of year 2014. in Piknik studio by Miroslav Majkić (aka Bandar). We are very satisfied with the sound and he did a great job. There are of course a few little mistakes, but it wouldn`t be thrash if it is all perfect. I think the favorite song of the people is Victim of the night, it is fast, loud at the beginning slow but then then all the aggression struck the listener and you simply must headbang the whole time.

4. We’ve already mentioned the “Grim Reaper Records”. Are you satisfied with their cooperation and how did it come to it at the first place?

Grim Reaper Records they also did a great job for us as a band, and as for the brothers from Prisoner and Speed Merchants. It is awesome we have that kind of label in our country that is helping young underground bands. We are very satisfied with cooperation, and our CDs are now in the home of some crazy thrash metal fans in Indonesia, China and Spain. It is really fantastic.

5. You’ve had a lot of positive comments on your EP in various Serbian metal magazines and portals. How satisfied are you with the work that you have presented on the EP?

Well we are glad for all the positive, but also negative comments because it is really important to hear the people’s opinions. As I said, we had a few mistakes on our EP, but that has been changed, we did what we thought it was best at that moment.

6. As we can see, the most effect on your music and style came from bands that have marked the ’80. Which ones would you single out and which one had the most influence on you?

Yes we are all the fans of the 80`s thrash metal music. As you can hear on the EP our main influence are bands like early Metallica,Kreator,Sepultura, Overkill but the band that really influenced us at that moment was probably the thrash metal legend Slayer.

7. Have you made any kind of cooperation with some of the Serbian thrash metal bands?

Our first gig was on Thrash with us fest and we had a chance at that time to play with legendary bands Bombarder,Sarcasm and Space Eater. Also, we must mention our brothers from Deadly Mosh. They really give us a big support and we can`t wait to hear their new album United by pain.

8. Even though you’re a young band, how do you evaluate Serbian trash metal scene? Is Serbian Thrash a flame that has extinguished several years ago, or is it still burning like before?

I can say thrash metal in Serbia is now in a golden time.We have a several bands of this genre that are really serious in their work. They have a goal and nothing can stop them on the way to the top. As it is for Deathonation, we are trying to establish a friendship between all the bands of similar genre of the scene.

9. You’ve performed on several festivals, which ones had left the best memories? Can you tell us something more about your appearance on the Trash with us fest?

As I said we played our fist gig on Thrash with us fest in 2014. and it was awesome experience! The best show we did I think in Subotica we were all crazy that night crowd gave us a great energy that night I hope more fantastic festivals and gigs are on its way.

10. Can you tell us more about the public apology that you’ve sent to the band Jenner in December 2014, after your appearance in Subotica? What was it about?

Yes,I will just continue the story that was a same show in Subotica we called our good friends Jenner to play with us on that show, but few days before the gig, ex-bass player Jana had accident and unfortunately they didn`t share the stage with us that night. One of our songs on the EP is titled,  Screw you Jenny” and our EX drummer Alen on one of a rehearsal mentioned Jenny is pretty similar like saying Jenner. So I made a joke on our show and instead of saying Screw you Jenny I shouted Screw you Jenner. It was all in positively way, but we gave them an apology, because some of people thought we were serious. I hope we will have a great cooperation with the girls, because they are fantastic musicians.

11. Who has designed your logo and the artwork for your first EP? How important is the design and the whole visual concept of the band to you?

Design of the logo has done Lazar Stankovic and the artwork was made by Slobodan Jovanovic. It is really important for artwork to follow the story behind the name of an EP or album. Victim of the night showed the picture of man stalking a young woman, as it is mentioned in the lyrics of the song.

12. What are your plans for future? Can we expect some new stuff from you any soon?

At the moment we are working on the new songs for a debut album and we are having in plan to record one of them in June of this year.As for the shows, we are playing on Scena Fest on the end of May in Novi Sad and after that we will present ourselves for a first time to a crowd in Belgrade. 

Sacramental Blood - Ternion Demonarchy

*This photo was taken from the single "Destroyer of Thought and Form" and has no connection with the original front cover of the album "Ternion Demonarchy" which is in preparation.

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label: /

Format: /

Our view : 90 %

Recently we’ve had the chance to talk to the band Sacramental Blood, and among other things we have discussed their new album. Extreme Review brings you an exclusive first impression on their brutal debut massacre “Ternion Demonarchy”.

On the very beginning we must mention that there are a very few bands in Serbia that are truly loyal to their work for so many years as the band Sacramental Blood is. Years of collecting rage, bloody thoughts and a brutal devotion to their music has been grown by no one else but these guys. Judging by what we’ve heard, no one will be left indifferent, ‘cause this album is yet to come for its own!

The first piece on this album is the song called “Demonized”. Hearing its first notes you will ask yourself: “Is it possible that the new Sacramental Blood has arrived?!”. The song simply rocks, fast double drum-kicks with surreal, magnificent vocal parts and squealing guitar riffs will make the melody of “Demonized” echo in your mind for a very long time. Deadly bass lines are completing this demonic madness, along with extremely fast guitar solo parts. Quick bridge and we’re passing to the second song - “Buildings of Burning Flesh”. The name itself implies that this album is not for everyone ‘cause this death metal insanity won’t please the ears of innocent victims that this album will take with it. The storm of fast instrumental and perfectly tuned vocal lines has merged in this sermon of sadistic triumph of misanthropy. With the following verse saying: “Destined to be nearest to the God who eats of your flesh and drinks of your blood” you shall prepare for a massive plague brought by the song “Nearest to the God”. In this song Sacramental blood tells you that the promise of heaven is nothing more than a lie and we state that a liar is anyone who says that this band is not praiseworthy. Devastation is continued with a well known song “Destroyer of thought and form” that waited for some time to be a part of a magnificent whole piece “Ternion Demonarchy”. The next song is “Sanctimonius”, a melodic but also a creepy beginning leads us to a complete bone shatter. Penetrating and sick vocal and drum bridges and brakes carry us trough the total guitar and bass madness mixed in the darkest caldron that is boiling this song. The knowledge and skills of this band is a huge thing that many other bands could just envy. From one song to another these guys are showing that their music experience has no limits and that they are the true veterans of brutal death metal genre. Riding trough the song “Livid deaths descend”, we’re coming to the last, vigorous piece called “Impose resurrection” that closes this album.

As we can see the sound production is at a high and very serious level. All in all, mixing the influence of Florida’s death metal scene and European death metal mentality, all which painted with years of work and effort in post-war, harsh surroundings in Serbia, it results with something that can not be seen every day. It will now be definitely clear to many people what is a true, brutal death metal urge, the one that has succeeded to overcome all obstacles and present the veterans like Sacramental Blood in the best and the most sincere way possible. So, prepare your innocent ears for another slaughter, the time for Ternion Demonarchy has come!

Prisoner - Our debut album won’t disappoint you!


     There are some rumors that say that Speed and Thrash metal has lost their audience in the past few years. In the era of modern metal subgenres there are still those who bear a strong wave of oldschool Speed and Thrash sound. One of them is a certainly young band Prisoner from Belgrade who have started their work in 2011. Extreme Review crew has talked about their new album,  concerts and other stuff concerning the band Prisoner.

1. Hi guys! What is the band Prisoner doing these days?
-Hi! At the moment we are preparing for our gig with Nadimač, Vox Populi and Shovel at KST Garden, concert will be held on the second of July, we are also finalizing the deal for our first full length album.
2.       You’ve recorded your new album “See the Scars”, however the battle for finding the label is still on. Has the situation improved regarding that? Are there any potential publishers on sight?
-Yes, the album is all done and we have already got a deal with Kieran O’Loughlin from Slaney Records.It was a little ruff in the beginning because people involved with underground metal ain’t that rich and can’t release as many albums as they would like to, so we have encountered a few rejections, although they liked our music they just did not have the funds to release it.

3.      Speaking of the new album, recently you’ve published your video single “The Beast in the Mirror” which has aroused some divided reactions and comments. How satisfied are you with your album? How seriously do you take the criticism addressed to your lead vocal?
I can only say that it left nobody indifferent .We all gave our best for this album to sound as good as possible and we think it came out great. Let’s just put it this way: We respect all opinions but we did everything as WE like and we did everything as WE wanted to, we respect our audience but we became a part of this music scene to do our own thing, if that bothers anyone, well, too bad. Vocals are still not as good as some professional singer’s but they are getting better every day. Some people love the vocals, some people don’t, same as everything else in life. Any negative criticism can only push us to go further.
4.    Your new album “See the Scars” has been recorded in the studio of “Citadela Sound Production” which is under the patronage of Luka Tower Matković (Space Eater). From the given it can be seen that we’re talking about some seriously quality sound production. Are you satisfied with that cooperation and how did the recording go?
-We are really glad that we choose Citadela Sound Production studio to record our album because Luka is a great producer and a great guy to work with. He helped us a lot and made it a lot easier for us, so it was a great  experience and we are very satisfied with how things went.The recording lasted from December 2014 to March 2015 , we had some minor difficulties but nothing that we could not bear.

5.     Some Serbian magazines have made their review of the album. Are you satisfied with the reviews?
-Igor Stanić made a review for Serbian Metal Portal and we are quite pleased with it. He said his honest opinion and that’s all that we ask for. The rating that we've got was 7/10 , that’s not bad for a debut album.
6.     As we can see the album is covered with some very interesting artwork, can you tell us who the artist behind it is?
-Our artwork was made by Željko Manojlović, and we think that he did a great job as always.
7.     Unlike your latest album, songs from your first EP sound a lot more raw and have the tendency to simply throw us back to the ’80. Now, with the new album finished, what are your impressions about “The Upcoming Devastation”, do you find that your style and performance has changed in any matter?
-If you like the 80’s metal this album won’t disappoint you. We grew up listening to this style of music and that is what suits us best. The "Upcoming Devastation" was made with zero budget and zero experience, it was record by our friend Vladimir Živković, from the band Centurion, in his apartment. When we recorded it we've just started working in this line-up except we still did not have a bass player so the bass was recorded by Stefan Dragović also from Centurion. We want to thank both Vladimir and Stefan for their help and a contribution to this band.We have all become better and more familiar with our instruments since that EP so this album sounds much more professional and the songs from the EP that we re-recorded all got something new in them and now they sound complete.

8.     Mentioning your first EP, we should point out that it has been labeled by “Grim Reaper Records”. Were you satisfied with that cooperation?
-Yes, guys from Grim Reaper Records are the first who trusted us enough to release our EP and we are endlessly grateful for that.They have started something that just won’t stop that easy. Thank you Grim Reaper!
9.    You are also known for having lots of concerts and performances in the last two years. Which one of them left the best impressions?
-We must agree that our best shows were with Rapid Force at Danguba club and with Heller at Božidarac cultural centre. Can’t decide between the two.

.   10. Thanks for answering our questions. And for the last, what can we expect from Prisoner in the future, is the album going to be published this year? Where could we see you playing in the next period?
-Thank You for this interview.You can expect a lot of loud high energy speed metal shows! First in a row is the one I mentioned earlier where we are supporting Nadimač at KST Garden 02. July. 2015. Still can’t promise anything but we have planned a Serbian tour for this year. Album will be published this year but I still don’t know the exact date, it depends on the record label, you will be informed as soon as I get the information.

Zloslut - Spiritual relief dedicated to death!

As usual Extreme review crew brings you another black interview. This time we're talking to one man black metal divison called Zloslut.

1. In January 2015 the new single "Ukleta" came out for "Dark Chants Productions". an excellent intro to the forthcoming album "U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama". Tell us something more about the single and the new album.
"Ukleta" Single is something I wanted to share with the faithful Zloslut followers. The album was recorded in the summer of 2014 and will see the light in the following year. Which in my opinion is a big time between the recording sessions and the release date, that's why I wanted to introduce people with the new work. As every musician is, there is always that euphoric feeling between the end of recording and the release date. That was the purpose of the single, we also added a complete video show from our appearance at the "Srpski Metal Festival" last year. So the physical release can be even heavier in what it contains, although all of it is also available through the internet for those who can't support financially. Now for the album... As the leader of the cult and the only composer, an album for me is very sacred. A new pillar that holds the name of my creation. So every new work has to stand up from the previous ones. "U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama" is the Zloslut crown, from every aspect, is it musically, lyricly, sound production or the visual form. Soon that chapter will be unveiled, until then I don't want to discover furthermore, I prefer to let the followers discover it, and give it their own definition.

2. Zloslut has recently completed their weekend tour in France. What are your impressions at the end of it?
It all went perfectly, Paris was a true ceremony dedicated to death. Not very crowded though, I guess it's the fact that in big cities fans are drowned in shows. Nice was the highlight, full club with souls showing their interest in new darkness. I will also take the opportunity through this interview to send my best regards to the promoter, Corpus Diavolis and all the people we met during those two days.

3. Speaking of France, the summer tour on Balkans with the French band Necrowretch has been cancelled by Zloslut. What are the reasons for Zloslut's withdrawal from that tour?
Sometime you have to make decisions you don't like at all for the better... Financially speaking, this tour has become too much expensive, and the budget couldn't allow us that pleasure. Second fact, Inomatanas (Live bass) and Lord Gryma (Live drums) can't make it in that period, due to private reasons. Finding other session live members was an option, but since I'm not in Serbia currently I would not have enough of time to prepare them. So after those two strong reasons, it was clear as a day that Zloslut had to step out from the "With Serpents" tour. We will give our best to reach the planned countries in the near future. Anyway, other dates are planned appart of this tour.
4. Let's go backwards a little bit, to the very beginnings of Zloslut. On the cassette edition of your first demo "Abyss of Eternal Deception" your nick was Hunter. What were the reasons for changing it into Utvara?
Hunter was the pseudonym I used even before the inception of Zloslut. Reason is quite simple it didn't suit my identity anymore, after a long period of thinking, I sticked with Utvara (English translation: Wraith). It describes me the best for what I am doing.
5. On your first demo there is a clear and explicit message: "Only for true black metal underground maniacs". What does the true black metal represent for you?
We have to take in count that when that demo was released I was seventeen, eighteen years old, and I was in the most important phase of discovering the genre from the perspective of a musician. It suited my ideology back then. Today I find it very funny and ridiculous, and would never add a message like that on a release! haha But this part of the question is driving us back to the previous, It was me back then, we evolve every day, and write a new chapter every moment.
Now concerning what "the true black metal" (althought I don't like that term) represent for me, is pure imagination and nothing else! Since I didn't experienced it, and to be honest, I stopped following what is going on in that scene anymore, underground or mainstream, small are the differences. There are still honest and devoted souls out there of course. But I mostly see the opposite, a big majority of bands have become untouchable rockstars, depending on parties and narcotics with pretext that it represent chaos and nihilism, but it only represents idiots with a lot of money. Most of the fans are all in that "anti-trend" trend, facebook misanthropes... Virtual addicts. Now, objectively speaking, black metal is freedom, a dark open mind interested to new experiences. You can't hate something you don't know. Just a simple exemple you can see often in black metal live shows, I can guarantee you that the bible bashers didn't even read it once, they are not destroying it in the spiritual way, they are destroying it in an ignorant way. There is so much to learn from what we consider our enemy. So to come back to the main point, Black Metal is not only music, but also a dark world you penetrate and explore slowly with your emotions, it will for me always represent a spiritual relief. But as I said I don't pay much attention on what is going on now in the scene. The wise are silent...

6. Zloslut is in fact a one man band. How hard is it to be the creator of everything in the band and does it perhaps have some good sides to it?
In my experience there are only two bad sides to be a one man band and it is the lack of time and money, which affected me several time, especially this year, as for exemple, cancelling our participation to the summer tour with Necrowretch, and postponing our second album to winter this year, although it had to be out in spring... But as I said before, sometime you have to make decisions you don't like, so you can continue the road tomorrow. It's inevitable. But the best side of a one man band is the total control.
7. We've already mentioned your label "Dark Chants Records". As far as we can see it is in fact specialized mostly for Zloslut. Tell us more about "Dark Chants Productions".
It's the Zloslut temple, archive... I run the label myself, until we sign for a satisfying one. Waiting for someone to clock at your door is not a way of working for me. It is very hard to find a label today, there are just too many of them, too many fake people. For me a label is like a member of a cult. He has to give 101% as we do. There are very good labels who still guard the old flame, but it has become more an industry then a passion, profitability comes first, then everything else, same goes for promoters. I understand it in a way, losing money that is hardly earn is just absurd. So I choose to hold that burden myself.
8. We can see some brutally good artwork on your first album " Zloslutni Horizont - donosilac prokletstva, ocaja i smrti". Also, the new Zloslut's emblem as well as some other motives came out of hands of the same master. What artist is it about?
He is a great artist and musician who runs "Opposition Artworks", he is known under his pseudonym INIMICVS (before as Genocide), he was our live session guitarist few years ago. Anyway, a great artist devoted to darkness and death. Check out his other works he did for bands like Murder, The Stone or the festival Under the Black Sun. He also founded Ophidian Coil, a band worth checking.

9. Thanks for this conversation. What kind of ominous visions can we expect in the future?

Many things are coming up, as the second album, more live rituals. Let the sand of time be by our side... All in all, expect dark chants of death!

We Worship Desaster – Grom Records 2015

Genre: Trash Metal/ Black Metal

 Country: Various countries

Label: Grom Records
Format: CD
Our view : 90 %

This time “Grom records” brings us an amazing tribute compilation of thirty bands from more than seventeen countries, all packed on two CDs and twenty pages booklet and 8662 seconds of complete black/trash madness.

Talking about the real legends of true underground, the bands who deserved not only appreciation but also true followers, we must definitely draw the line and single out one name – Desaster. This German band is an example of true elite dark thing, satanic trash madness and consistence in their beliefs. The band was formed in the late ’80 by two devoted metal maniacs who, in their beginnings, base their work on band like Venom, Hellhammer etc. today this unstoppable machine can be proud of seven studio albums and loads of split and live editions. Desaster is a band that bares the core of extreme metal for 27 years, roaming on the wings of harsh black metal sound, repelling al untrue metal followers and luring the ones hungry for true bloody metal. After more than successful “Hail to Bombarder” tribute edition, here comes the new tribute project which involved thirty bands from different part of the world, labeled by Serbian “Grom records”. Audience can expect a real fuckin’ hellish ritual on a double-disc, a tribute to Desaster – We worship Desaster.

The compilation begins with fiery live intro taken from a Desaster’s  live album “Live in Serbian Hell” which came out in 2003 in a cassette edition for “Awaken Productions”. The intro itself indicates that a complete madness awaits us on both discs. The first in a row of dirty raw Desaster’s sons is no one else but the Serbian black metal band Kolac, which covered the song “Crypts of Dracul”, taken from the album “A touch of medieval darkness” published in 1996. The next song was assigned to the Greek horde Slaughtered Priest who plays the song “Metalized blood” that shattered many bones in the tangled labyrinths of moshpits on its live performances. “The swords will never sink” was performed by a Columbian band Guerra Total which covered it amazingly. The songs “Sworn to Avenge” (Volcanic), “Beasts of Wrath and Victory” (Bloodthirst) and “Venomous Stench” (Bonehunter) announce that the complete madness is yet to come. The song “Hellbangers” was played by the Desaster’s countrymen Fatal Embrace. “Hellfire's Dominion”, “Symphony of Vengeance”, “Spare No Coward” and “Past...Present...Forever”  were performed by phenomenal bands “Extirpation”, “ Satanika”, “Invocacion” and phenomenal “Triumphant” from Austria. The thirteenth piece was assigned to a Serbian band Terrorhammer from Pancevo. A fast and raw song called “Witchcraft” was performed by the German black trash maniacs Nocturnal Witch. The song “And the Powers Above” was covered by a young Serbian band Tirani which is a combination of members from the bands Edain and May Result. The songs “Caslteland” and “Profanation” performed by The Meads of Asphodel and Sanctifier, are closing the first CD of this compilation. The second disc lasting 74 minutes consists of 15 covers among which are Futhark – “Hell-Born”, Speed Command – “Face Of Darkness”, Hellocaustor – “Teutonic Steel”, Lux Divina – “In A Winter Battle”, Witchburner – “Divine Blasphemies”, Nocturnal –“ Tears Of An Old Wizard”, Hellsword – “Alliance To The Powerthrone”, In corpore mortis- “As The Deadworld Calls”, War-head –“ Nekropolis Kartago”, Incinerador –“ Into A Magical Night”, Dirges –“ Expect No Release”, Enoid – “Sacrilege”, Evil – “Thou Shalt Be King”, Siculicidum – “Skyline In Flame / A Touch Of Medieval Darkness”, Graves of saints – “In The Ban Of Satan's Sorcery”.

All in all, this compilation will certainly be talked about for a quite some time, and it definitely supports the true underground legion like Desaster in the best possible way. Interestingly, among many European bands that participated in the compilation, a large number of bands are from Colombia. In the end, we must say that this compilation consists of thirty bands from more than 17 countries performing Desaster’s songs on two CDs with twenty pages of booklet and 8662 seconds of pure black/trash madness! The front cover was done by “Design Studio Nemeth” to the initiative of “Grom Records”. If you aren’t a passionate underground metal lover, this compilation certainly isn’t for you, but we salute to all of the chosen metal warriors who will find themselves and enjoy this compilation with the message : Fuck off money makers, We Worship Desaster!