HCZ - Humor is the best way to communicate with the audience

When you hear that the new power of rock is spreading around Zaječar it is clear that we’re talking about the band HCZ. Not promoted enough, but for already four years not giving up on their goal. Lyrics painted in black humor, parody and local patriotism are one of recognizable elements of this young hardcore/metal band. It is time to get to know this raw power – Hard Core Zaječar.

1. Greetings HCZ! This year you’ve recorded the song “Zaječarsko Pivo”, it is a great promotion of local beer. What does the company say about that? Have they sent at least one promo package? 

A: Greetings to you to! The song has been posted on a ''Zaječarsko pivo'' Facebook page and we think they liked it. They promised us a promo package and eventualy some cooparation in the future.

2. A bottle of beer would now go down well, but let’s cut the comedy. You’ve performed in many places around Zaječar. Tell us about the hardcore/crossover scene in that part of Serbia. Which one of your gigs left the best impression?

A: We can not mention any other local HC band at the moment. The gig in Niš with Raw in Sect(Greece) was a wonderfull experince, but our favorite gig was in Knjaževac with Overdrive and Seljačka Buna.

3. As we’ve heard, your lyrics cover many themes, but most of them are humorous. Who writes them, and how important is that humor and parody for you?

A: Most of the lyrics were writen by lead singer Ivan. Humor and parody is very important because we think that's the best way to comunicate with the audience.

4. Your music leaves an impression of a very raw production. If the sound production would have been at the higher level, would the band be more popular and have more fans? Do you find that the sound production is irrelevant comparing to being loyal to your idea?

A:All the songs are recorded by guitarist Željko in his room (also known as ''Studio Šlajmara''). The band at the moment has no money for some studio recordings, but we think that the audience responce would be biger if we had proper production and promotion. Some great band's also started with shit production, and it has been proved that is not very important for some loyal fans.

5.Let’s make a digression and go back to your beginnings. Tell our readers more about your founding. When and where was the band established, who are the members, and have they changed since the beginning?

A: We are school budies and very good friends. Zaječar is a small town and we know eachother for a long time. We are in some way forced to stick together. In 2010 we decided to form the band and the band is in that same line-up. The band members are:

Ivan - Lead vocal
Željko - Guitar, Vocal
Aleksandar - Drums
Stefan - Bass

6. The band has planed to add another guitar to the sound. We are searching the right person at the time.We’ve read somewhere that HCZ plays “Zaječar’s hard core”. Is there something specific about that term? Tell us more about it.

A: We drag infuences from Serbian HC bands for it's lyrics themes but music is different. Since there is no term for that kind of combination we decided to call it like it's our own genre. HCZ stands for Hard Core Zaječar.

7. Which Serbian and international bands had the most influence on your music? What the HCZ crew listens to at home?

A: We all listen do different music. SMF, Tool, Lamb of God, Messuggah, Hatebreed, The Casulties, Halid Bešlić, Safet Alija, Južni Vetar can be heard in our presence and many more...

8. We could hear some cover song on your performances. Do you plan to continue working on that in future or do you plan to base your work particularly on authoring songs?

A: We have enough our own songs now and are now focused on our own material.

9. What are your plans for future? What’s cooking in HCZ’s kitchen?

A: We have few gigs planed at the time. In our kitchen sarma is the best thing that we can offer.