We Worship Desaster – Grom Records 2015

Genre: Trash Metal/ Black Metal

 Country: Various countries

Label: Grom Records
Format: CD
Our view : 90 %

This time “Grom records” brings us an amazing tribute compilation of thirty bands from more than seventeen countries, all packed on two CDs and twenty pages booklet and 8662 seconds of complete black/trash madness.

Talking about the real legends of true underground, the bands who deserved not only appreciation but also true followers, we must definitely draw the line and single out one name – Desaster. This German band is an example of true elite dark thing, satanic trash madness and consistence in their beliefs. The band was formed in the late ’80 by two devoted metal maniacs who, in their beginnings, base their work on band like Venom, Hellhammer etc. today this unstoppable machine can be proud of seven studio albums and loads of split and live editions. Desaster is a band that bares the core of extreme metal for 27 years, roaming on the wings of harsh black metal sound, repelling al untrue metal followers and luring the ones hungry for true bloody metal. After more than successful “Hail to Bombarder” tribute edition, here comes the new tribute project which involved thirty bands from different part of the world, labeled by Serbian “Grom records”. Audience can expect a real fuckin’ hellish ritual on a double-disc, a tribute to Desaster – We worship Desaster.

The compilation begins with fiery live intro taken from a Desaster’s  live album “Live in Serbian Hell” which came out in 2003 in a cassette edition for “Awaken Productions”. The intro itself indicates that a complete madness awaits us on both discs. The first in a row of dirty raw Desaster’s sons is no one else but the Serbian black metal band Kolac, which covered the song “Crypts of Dracul”, taken from the album “A touch of medieval darkness” published in 1996. The next song was assigned to the Greek horde Slaughtered Priest who plays the song “Metalized blood” that shattered many bones in the tangled labyrinths of moshpits on its live performances. “The swords will never sink” was performed by a Columbian band Guerra Total which covered it amazingly. The songs “Sworn to Avenge” (Volcanic), “Beasts of Wrath and Victory” (Bloodthirst) and “Venomous Stench” (Bonehunter) announce that the complete madness is yet to come. The song “Hellbangers” was played by the Desaster’s countrymen Fatal Embrace. “Hellfire's Dominion”, “Symphony of Vengeance”, “Spare No Coward” and “Past...Present...Forever”  were performed by phenomenal bands “Extirpation”, “ Satanika”, “Invocacion” and phenomenal “Triumphant” from Austria. The thirteenth piece was assigned to a Serbian band Terrorhammer from Pancevo. A fast and raw song called “Witchcraft” was performed by the German black trash maniacs Nocturnal Witch. The song “And the Powers Above” was covered by a young Serbian band Tirani which is a combination of members from the bands Edain and May Result. The songs “Caslteland” and “Profanation” performed by The Meads of Asphodel and Sanctifier, are closing the first CD of this compilation. The second disc lasting 74 minutes consists of 15 covers among which are Futhark – “Hell-Born”, Speed Command – “Face Of Darkness”, Hellocaustor – “Teutonic Steel”, Lux Divina – “In A Winter Battle”, Witchburner – “Divine Blasphemies”, Nocturnal –“ Tears Of An Old Wizard”, Hellsword – “Alliance To The Powerthrone”, In corpore mortis- “As The Deadworld Calls”, War-head –“ Nekropolis Kartago”, Incinerador –“ Into A Magical Night”, Dirges –“ Expect No Release”, Enoid – “Sacrilege”, Evil – “Thou Shalt Be King”, Siculicidum – “Skyline In Flame / A Touch Of Medieval Darkness”, Graves of saints – “In The Ban Of Satan's Sorcery”.

All in all, this compilation will certainly be talked about for a quite some time, and it definitely supports the true underground legion like Desaster in the best possible way. Interestingly, among many European bands that participated in the compilation, a large number of bands are from Colombia. In the end, we must say that this compilation consists of thirty bands from more than 17 countries performing Desaster’s songs on two CDs with twenty pages of booklet and 8662 seconds of pure black/trash madness! The front cover was done by “Design Studio Nemeth” to the initiative of “Grom Records”. If you aren’t a passionate underground metal lover, this compilation certainly isn’t for you, but we salute to all of the chosen metal warriors who will find themselves and enjoy this compilation with the message : Fuck off money makers, We Worship Desaster!