Time schedule for ANNIHILATOR concert in Belgrade! Only 3 days left before the thrash explosion!

 19:45 - Enter
20:15 - Harlot
21:00 - Archer

Legendary Canadians ANNIHILATOR are finally coming to Serbia! One of the Icons of metal sound who’s name speaks for itself. As we have earlier announced, the band is coming to Belgrade within their upcoming tour and promotion of their last studio album.Their performance will be supported by Harlott from Australia and Archer from USA, as a special support.

Tickets can be purchased in Eventim stores at a presale price of 2600RSD, or at the day of the concert at a full price of 3000RSD.

The euphoria among fans: Thrash legends are coming to Belgrade!

Even in the beginning of preparations for the event it was clear that these thrash metal veterans will attract a huge crowd of fans from Serbia and the region. The concert is coming close and the streets of Belgrade are rising with euphoria among thrash metal fans. Annihilator is at our door!

Annihilator was formed back in 1984 and has published as much as 14 albums during their rich career as well as plenty singles, compilations and live albums. It is one of the most active veteran thrash metal band and they still sound fresh, innovative and above all mighty. They are visiting Belgrade within promotion of their new album “Feast”. For many it is already clear that Dom Omladine will be too small to host all of true fans of this legendary band!

For the technical reasons and the stage extension, the organizers remind you to secure your tickets on time because the capacity of auditorium will be reduced to 800 tickets.

Time schedule for Annihilator warm up is out!

20:00 - ENTER
22:20 - ALITOR

As an overture for the concert of thrash metal legends –Annihilator, Serbian Hellbangers has announced a phenomenal warm up event. The official warm up concert will be held on October 15th in Dom Omladine in Belgrade. The bands that will cook up the atmosphere a day before the Annihilator concert are AlitorFew Reasons Why and Ultramotion.

At this warm up you will be able to witness some Xtreme Dj-ing, distro offers, as well as some gifts for the visitors at the entrance. 

New forces of rock 'n' roll 2015 - part two

The second part of mini festival “New forces of rock n' roll 2015”  (Nove snage rokenrola) will be held on Saturday, 24th October, starting at 21:30 in “Quarter” (Novi Sad). Performers are: „Northern Revival“, „Neprijatelj prelazi zeku“, „Po kratkom postupku“ and „Putrid Blood“.

Another concert will be held in the “Quarter” on 24th November and it will present four bands from Novi Sad. Both events will be followed by the jury composed of Obrad Škrbić (NS Koncert godine and Radio NS), Konstantin Polzović (NS Koncert godine and Exit), Predrag Novković (RTV - Oradio), Milan Rakić (Exit and Radio NS) i Srđan Grbić (klub „Quarter“) who will choose one band that will have the honor to open the 2015’s Concert of the Year (ili “NS Concert of the Year 2015”).
Those who would like to apply for the concert in NovemberNovember can send their material in mp3 or waw format or their youtube links to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Klasik-rok-188192584545495/timeline/ or to the e-mail address extreme.zone021@gmail.com .
Tickets for both events will be sold In the “Quarter” at the price of 100RSD. All the means from the tickets will be paid in to the Blood transfusion Institute of Vojvodina. The events were sponsored by the Department for Culture of Novi Sad and organised by The association for the promotion of Culture and Arts “Klasik rok”.

ASHEN EPITAPH as a support for KHORS and APOSTATE!

It is now official that Serbian death metal machinery ASHEN EPITAPH from Senta will perform as a support on the concert of KHORS and APOSTATE IN Novi Sad.
ASHEN EPITAPH is currently in the studio, recording their new album, but they will make a break especially for this unique opportunity and perform with these Ukrainian bands on November 6th in Novi Sad.
Years of hard working and being on the scene have shaped up the band KHORS as one of the most active and the best quality Eastern European underground Black Pagan Metal bands, which is also proven by their newest, sixth in a row, album published for the legendary “Candlelight Records”. After few not so successful attempts, the band will finally perform in front our audience. 
The concert will be held in Novi Sad in “The Quarter” on 6th November, organized by “Awaken Productions”.Their fans will be in opportunity to enjoy a real Doom Death Metal sound the same night. The special guests that will fulfill the atmosphere at “The Quarter” are the veterans from Ukraine – APOSTATE, who date since 1993. They will also promote their newest studio album published this year. The tickets are on sale since 1st September in Mungos and Felix at the presale price of 500RSD, and the price at the day of the concert will be 800RSD.

Planet of Zeus has published its fall tour promo video!

This fall Planet of Zeus will fly on the wings of Europe again. Within their tour, these guys will visit almost 30 European countries, and recently they’ve published their fall tour promo video on their official Youtube channel.

Let us remind you that this Greek stoner metal guerilla, Planet of Zeus is coming back to Serbia for the third time. After their phenomenal appearance on Exit festival in 2014, and an outstanding concert on 9th October 2014 in SKCNS Fabrika in Novi Sad, these stoner rock metalheads will rock the grounds not only in Novi Sad but in Serbian capital as well. Within their newest tour Novi Sad is booked for 30th October 2015, and the next day they will perform in Belgrade. Those who've already heard Planet of Zeus live, certainly won't miss these upcoming events!

Extreme metal festival in Velika Plana on 24th October!

Velika Plana will be richer for one more metal festival that will be held on 24th October in DRUM Bar. This time we’re talking about an extreme metal fest that will gather as much as six bands. This mini festival named “Necro Neurectomy Fest” is arranged with a cause of promoting extreme metal music, so it will present the bands of different subgenre characteristics.

The first Necro Neurectomy Fest is organized in cooperation with DRUM Bar, by the organization/group of extreme metal followers which recently started acting by the name “Dirty Malice Productions” (Belgrade) which is also engaged in musical publishing.

Besides bringing together six bands from different parts of the country, the organizers made sure that “Necro Neurectomy Fest” gets the official markings of a serious event such as the printed posters and a special stage banner, as well as nicely designed collectable tickets as an opening for the ongoing tradition. The event will be supported by a rich marketing offer of the bands performing and the offer within the distributor “Some Kind Of Distro”, as well as the other promo material of Serbian metal labels.

The tickets will be sold at the entrance, at the symbolic price of 150RSD, and everyone who purchases it obtains a chance to win some of physical editions of the bands performing that night.
Details about the time schedule are expected soon, and the doors of the opened some time before 9PM when the first band’s onset is planned for.

The bands performing:

Legendary Serbian metal band Heller got a NEW singer!

Veterans of Serbian thrash metal, the legendary Heller, have presented on their official facebook page a new singer. To the surprise of all oldschool extreme metal followers, the new singer is a very well known member of a famous Serbian death thrash band Bloodath – Dacha.

For the reminder, Heller was formed back in 1985, and was active until 1993. They’re considered to be one of the first Yugoslav thrash/speed metal bands. Their debut album was published in 1989, and the band was re-gathered in 2013.

Something new among Serbian metal fans: The first Serbian video blog has started working!

In the past few years we’re witnessing a huge overflow of video blogs (vlogs) all over the world, andthey’re slowly but surely becoming an inevitable part among the heavy metal crowd. Believe it or not, a show of such material has appeared in our country, and the first one was broadcasted by video blog “Headbang”. According to its authors “Headbang” represents the raw reflection of everything that our media lacks. 

“The vlog is dedicated to our and foreign metal music scene, but firstly to the underground sound from our region. The vlog will also keep track of current mainstream metal scene.”

The authors also claim that they will pay their attention to some famous bands that have left their mark on the world metal scene. All of which will be presented in a form of a “Special” that will follow a few regular episodes.

The Headbang crew is sending a public invitation to all the bands to contact them on their official e-mail and facebook page if they want their voices to be heard in one of the next Headbang shows!

You can follow the Headbang vlog on following link.