Deadly Mosh - Evolved and fresh, but still on the way of Thrash!

It is impossible to talk about Serbian  metal scene without mentioning a phenomenal band from Kragujevac - “Deadly Mosh”. Speed and trash metal mixed with a classical heavy metal sound, with recognizable vocal and lyrical style is ravaging on our scene for long seven years. All of you speed and trash sound admirers jump down to your local store for some beer to enjoy our interview with Priestkiller, the frontman of this band.

1.       Greetings Priestkiller! What’s up with Deadly Mosh these days?

First of all I want to thank you for your support in the name of entire band.
We have just finished a series of concerts across the Serbia and we are currently preparing for Exit Festival.  And of course, we are planning to record a video for one of our songs soon.

2.       Your newest album “United by pain” for EBM Records, came out in December 2014. How satisfied are you with the album and what were the comments so far?

We had opportunities to see a few reviews from the foreign magazines and the most of them were more than positive. What was mostly pointed out as a flaw was the duration of the entire album. Since out EP “Evil In The Nigh” was, sort of introduction for our album I think 8 songs were enough because we didn’t want to include some songs just so we could fill out the blank space. We only included songs we thought they were good enough. We are pleased with the album, firstly because of the fact that it was completely different, not just a sequel of our first album and it brought a new and fresh sound. So, our next task will be not to repeat ourselves, but to present even more fresh and more different release to our audience.

3.       Unlike your first EP “Fuck Holy War” you’ve changed your performance a little bit on this one. Comparing 2008 with 2015, has Deadly Mosh changed, and how did it change?

Our sound evolved during the years, which is normal because we wanted to present something new and different every time, but in the way that is still thrash metal. We were never afraid of experimenting and I’m sure we will manage to surprise you with our future releases, positively, I hope.

4.       Anyway this album is really great in our opinion. The song “Self destruction” simply rocks. How much time and effort did you have to invest in this album? Where was it recorded and who produced it?

Back at the time when EP “Evil In The Night” was recorded we started our cooperation with Ivan Ilić  and we wanted to record EP for the start, to see how it’s going to sound like. The complete mastering was done by Joey Sturgis which is known by his work with numerous USA bands and we were all more than pleased with the result. Right after Evil In The Night was finished we entered the studio in order to record our album United By Pain. I’ve brought around 30, both finished and unfinished songs and by the October of 2013 we started recording. The studio is called “Garage Studio” and it is situated in Kragujevac. Complete production and mastering were done, as I already mentioned: Ivan Ilić - producer and the owner of the studio.

5.       You’ve changed several labels so far. Your previous album “Hellsound” was published by “Miner Records”. Why did you decide to change the label and how satisfied are you now with “EBM Records”?

“Hellsound” and our EP “Evil In The Night” were both published by Miner Rec. and we stopped our cooperation with them almost immediately after release because of the quarrels and misunderstandings we had. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find a compromise with Miner Rec. and that’s why our new album was published by EBM records. We are pleased with the cooperation so far and they really did their best to promote out album. The only thing that we are unpleased with is our bureaucracy because of which we still didn’t manage to get our cds which our publisher sent us, but I hope that will be over soon.

6.       Mentioning “Hellsound”, we had some information that it should come out on vinyl. How true is that?

Yes, that’s true. Our deal with Miner Rec. was not realized and that’s was also one of the reasons why we changed our publisher. We sent the complete artwork for the vinyl, but from some unknown reasons, that didn’t happen. It was my wish to see our first album on vinyl as well, but unfortunately, it is still available only on CD.

7.       You are one of a few metal bands in Serbia which have their own manager. How necessary and useful is that for a Serbian metal band?

First of all,  Zlatko Obradović is our good friend and we are glad to have him help us with the band management because he contributed a lot with his experience and we became far more professional and mature when it comes to music. He’s a big enthusiast  and he became a part of this story as a good friend of the bend, so he is, kind of, the fifth member of the bend. I don’t know how much longer he will remain on this position, but I know he will always be our friend and our biggest fan.  And when it comes to a necessity to have a manager, I don’t think it is necessary  because there are numerous bands who function normally without a manager. But when only Aleksandar Milutinović and I remained in the band, that kind of help was necessary to us. If it wasn’t for Zlatko, we may not have recorded our album. He also brought Luka Milosevic and Vojin Ratković to the bend so all the credits for our recent success goes to him.

8.       We can see some true art pieces on your EPs and albums. Who is in charge of the design and artwork? How important is the design itself for a band’s opus?

All the credits for our past artwork go to Stefan Petrović, artworker from Kragujevac and a singer of Black Crown Empire. It is crucial to stand out with a good artwork as well because kids these days grow up  on the internet and not on the streets and that’s what lot of the bends don’t understand. They have everything at the touch of their hands in the mass of these bands and the artwork is the first thing that caught their attention. I refused to accept it for a long time because I’m one of those people who think music is the most important, but unfortunately, today, a lot of attention is directed at the videos, artwork, merch etc. We didn’t really try that much when it comes to that and that’s the main reason we didn’t manage to get more audience, but that’s our primary goal at the moments, so there will be more videos and more merch in future.

9.       Where do you get your inspiration for music and lyrics?

Mostly I was the author of the music and lyrics but since Luka Milosević entered the bend, i confided biggest par of the new songs to him because he is that freshness and new energy we need on our future releases.  When it comes to our lyrics so far, I found inspiration basically everywhere, starting from books, comics, movies, things that lay stress on us every day, injustice that is around us. United By Pain is, somehow, an open call for an revolution. A call to young people to change things around them to better and not only to be victims of injustice. That social themes were an important detail in our lyrics from the start.

10.   In your opinion, how do you evaluate today’s Serbian metal scene, and what does it take to make things better?

Current bands in Serbia have great ideas, we are surrounded by amazing albums, but unfortunately, the better the bends get, the audience is less and less. Our scene doesn’t look for its backing in the audience, but in musicians who do this because of their love for music. We all have regular jobs, which do not have anything in common with music and it’s really hard to coordinate between these two and audience often doesn’t appreciate it.

11.   Thanks a lot Priestkiller and greetings to the whole Deadly Mosh. Any plans for future?

Thank you for the support and I’m really glad we had this opportunity to talk about Deadly Mosh. As I already mentioned, our next goal is to record a video and to present ourselves in our best light at Exit Festival. Cheers to all metal maniacs!