Time schedule for Cannibal Corpse concert in Belgrade

After long time the fans of brutal Death Metal sound have the reason to celebrate. One of the most brutal and most controverse metal band ever is finally coming back to Belgrade! If there is a band that doesn't need any particular announcements then it is Cannibal Corpse. Founders of Brutal Death Metal genre, the band that was never mislead from their path, the band that has never given up facing countless censorship and prohibitions.

As a special local support they will be accompanied by the veterans of Serbian Death Metal scene - SCAFFOLD!

The tickets will be sold at the price of 2400RSD till the day of the concert when the cost will be 2800RSD.

The time schedule:

20h - Enter
21h - Scaffold

Velika Plana is ready for the "Invasion From The East"!

The caravan „Invasion From The East“, in organisation by Miner Recordings, which strolled through many Serbian towns igniting the flames of Serbian underground scene, will devastate Velika Plana on 31st July.
Being a local promoter, “Drustvo razvoja mladih – DRUM” will support this event by holding this manifestation in the DRUM bar.
Miner Recordings crew announces the nineteenth metal caravan confirming the performance of following bands: Aurium (Belgrade, progressive metal), Kolaps (Novi Sad, hardcore), Patrias (Smederevo, heavy metal), Chaosium (Jagodina, thrash death), Y.O.X. (Valjevo, death metal / hardcore) and Valgora (Velika Plana, hardcore).

Time schedule for Black Label Society concert in Belgrade

Belgrade is ready to meet a Heavy Sludge Groove Metal locomotive which is about to have one of their ruthless concerts in Serbia.
Lead by one of the most influential guitarist of nowadays, Zakk Wylde, the band has already visited our region within a festival performance, but this time they will please their fans with a full length concert. It is not necessary to accentuate the greatness (value) of the band that devastates the world’s Metal and Rock scene. Always at the very top, always active and attractive the Black Label Society definitely stands for one of the most prestigious Metal bands.

As we’ve already announced, the official support will be THE KRYPTONITE SPARKS, Metal Rock band from Romania.
The tickets will be sold at the price of 2600RSD till the day of the concert when the cost will be 3000RSD.

The time schedule:
20:00 – enter 20:30 – The Kryptonite Sparks 21:30 – BLACK LABEL SOCIETY

Four bands as a support for Marduk's concert in Novi Sad!

Black metal veterans, Marduk, will visit Novi Sad in October within their tour followed by several fantastic bands. 

They will be supported by the bands true to the extreme metal genre like Svart Crown from France, Norwegian Crest of Darkness, Slovenian black metal band Cvinger and Greek thrash metal fanatics Bio Cancer. We’ve already had the chance to hear some of these bands in Serbia and they will sure give a new dimension to this concert and make it a true dark spectacle! 

Tickets are on sale from 1st August at the price of 1600RSD

Crnobog and 1389 together on the “Deep Darkness Devotion“ CD split edition!

Experienced Serbian raw black metal legion 1389 will take part in the CD split edition “Deep Darkness Devotion”, together with young but blood thirsty one man project named Crnobog. It will be published by Grim Reaper Records and as we’re informed it can be expected very soon. 

The band Crnobog was formed in 2012, and a year later it releases the first demo named “Crnobog” by the Roots Archive Productions. In 2014 they took part on the split edition “Blasphemous Massacre” with the band Profanation published by the Grim Reaper Records as well as this one.

Planet of Zeus in Serbia again!

Greek stoner metal guerrilla Planet of Zeus is coming back to Serbia for the third time. After their phenomenal appearance on Exit festival in 2014, and an outstanding concert on 9th October 2014 in SKCNS Fabrika in Novi Sad, these stoner rock metalheads will rock the grounds not only in Novi Sad but in Serbian capital as well. Within their newest tour Novi Sad is booked for 30th October 2015, and the next day they will perform in Belgrade. Those who've already heard Planet of Zeus live, certainly won't miss these upcoming events! More info on this coming soon!   

The Kryptonite Sparks as a support for Black Label Society in Belgrade

Kryptonite Sparks are part of the new wave of Romanian rock. This trio is an eclectic mixture of hard rock, indie, alternative, funk, avant-prog and pop-rock resembling the likes of Cream, Arctic Monkeys, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.

The band was formed in 2013, when the two brothers returned from their studies in London on The Institute of Contemporary music. Inspired by the UK's 70s vibe and indie subculture they've relesed their first EP.

In 2014 they joined the biggest alternative rock band in Romania, Vita de Vie, in their national tour. For their musical activity they received the Metalhead “Best Alternative Newcomer” prize. They are currently competing in the national final of the Global Battle Of the Bands. 2015 saw the arrival of “Esti”, the first single taken off their upcoming second EP (2 // The Second Wave of Cosmic Noise).

Propast & Svartgren on Eternal Hate Fest in Czech Republic

Belgrade’s black metal band Propast and their brotherly black metal legion Svartgren will perform on 18th July on Eternal Hate Fest in Czech Republic. The Eternal Hate Fest was first held in July 1998 with 29 bands performing and it was notorious for police repression in co-op with the local church community, however it didn’t hamper the true black metal followers and the organizers in their goal. In the year 2004, the festival started the tradition of lasting more than one day and since 1998 it welcomed many black metal bands from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Japan and many others. The festival is held in the town of Nyrsko, which is in Plzen region.

The ticket cost is 15 Euros.

Scaffold supports Cannibal Corpse!

This year, Serbian death metal veterans have caught an unstoppable running start and they’re devastating everything that’s on their way. After their recent gig with the band Satrial in Šabac, tour in Italy and rerelease of their album “The other Side Of Reality“ for “Grim Reaper Records”, Scaffold will also perform on Exit festival this year. We’ll be able to see them on Explosive stage on 9th July, and what makes us particularly happy is that same evening we will be able to see grindcore / death metal legends , the famous Napalm Death .
To make things even better, this is not the only thing regarding Scaffold. They will perform on 29th July in Belgrade’s“Dom Omladine” as a support to the legendary Cannibal Corpse.

Red-hot month of July is the right time for raw and vicious death metal sound. Do not miss the July events and enjoy the extreme metal. 

Scaffold has returned!

Black metal veterans Marduk again in Serbia in October!

AWAKEN presents:

Veterans of black metal scene, Marduk, have announced their return in Serbia. After previous more than successful visit in Belgrade, the band has decided to perform in Novi Sad this time.
Marduk is currently promoting their last studio album “Frontschwein” released in January for “Century Media Records”.

Foreign band are frequently visiting Serbia lately, unfortunately the ones of the black metal genre are quite rare. In October we will improve that in benefit of all black metal devotees, could it be better than with Marduk?!
See you all there!

presale = 1600RSD
at the entrance = 2000RSD
The presale starts on 1st August in Felix (Belgrade) and Mungos (Novi Sad)