Deathonation - Feel the striking agression

We've had the chance to talk to another young Thrash metal band. Check out our interview with Deathonation from Novi Sad.

1. When did you first came to idea to form the band Deathonation?

First of all, one big hello to Extreme Review from the Deathonation crew. The idea of forming a band came in 2012. by guitarist Predrag and me. The first name actually wasn`t Deathonation, we used to call that project Void Whisper, because the band never had a gig. After a several line-up changes Vladimir-bass player and guitarist Relja joined the band and we started to play as Deathonation.

2. Who made the first lineup of your band, and who does today?

Well as I said, Predrag and I were a former members of the band, there was also a drummer Mihajlo who has left the band few months after Vladimir and Relja to play with us and then our little crew joined the drummer Alen who was on this position until January 2015, when we had our last gig in Novi Sad with bands Kuga and War Engine. At the moment we are playing with our new drummer Sinisa, he is a great guy and most important of all a great drummer. He really filled the sound that we all wanted from the beginning.

3. In November 2014 your first EP comes out under the patronage of “Grim Reaper Records”. Tell us something more about the EP. Where was it recorded and how did it go? What song on the EP is the audience’s favorite?

Yes, the EP was published by Grim Reaper Records and it was recorded in summer of year 2014. in Piknik studio by Miroslav Majkić (aka Bandar). We are very satisfied with the sound and he did a great job. There are of course a few little mistakes, but it wouldn`t be thrash if it is all perfect. I think the favorite song of the people is Victim of the night, it is fast, loud at the beginning slow but then then all the aggression struck the listener and you simply must headbang the whole time.

4. We’ve already mentioned the “Grim Reaper Records”. Are you satisfied with their cooperation and how did it come to it at the first place?

Grim Reaper Records they also did a great job for us as a band, and as for the brothers from Prisoner and Speed Merchants. It is awesome we have that kind of label in our country that is helping young underground bands. We are very satisfied with cooperation, and our CDs are now in the home of some crazy thrash metal fans in Indonesia, China and Spain. It is really fantastic.

5. You’ve had a lot of positive comments on your EP in various Serbian metal magazines and portals. How satisfied are you with the work that you have presented on the EP?

Well we are glad for all the positive, but also negative comments because it is really important to hear the people’s opinions. As I said, we had a few mistakes on our EP, but that has been changed, we did what we thought it was best at that moment.

6. As we can see, the most effect on your music and style came from bands that have marked the ’80. Which ones would you single out and which one had the most influence on you?

Yes we are all the fans of the 80`s thrash metal music. As you can hear on the EP our main influence are bands like early Metallica,Kreator,Sepultura, Overkill but the band that really influenced us at that moment was probably the thrash metal legend Slayer.

7. Have you made any kind of cooperation with some of the Serbian thrash metal bands?

Our first gig was on Thrash with us fest and we had a chance at that time to play with legendary bands Bombarder,Sarcasm and Space Eater. Also, we must mention our brothers from Deadly Mosh. They really give us a big support and we can`t wait to hear their new album United by pain.

8. Even though you’re a young band, how do you evaluate Serbian trash metal scene? Is Serbian Thrash a flame that has extinguished several years ago, or is it still burning like before?

I can say thrash metal in Serbia is now in a golden time.We have a several bands of this genre that are really serious in their work. They have a goal and nothing can stop them on the way to the top. As it is for Deathonation, we are trying to establish a friendship between all the bands of similar genre of the scene.

9. You’ve performed on several festivals, which ones had left the best memories? Can you tell us something more about your appearance on the Trash with us fest?

As I said we played our fist gig on Thrash with us fest in 2014. and it was awesome experience! The best show we did I think in Subotica we were all crazy that night crowd gave us a great energy that night I hope more fantastic festivals and gigs are on its way.

10. Can you tell us more about the public apology that you’ve sent to the band Jenner in December 2014, after your appearance in Subotica? What was it about?

Yes,I will just continue the story that was a same show in Subotica we called our good friends Jenner to play with us on that show, but few days before the gig, ex-bass player Jana had accident and unfortunately they didn`t share the stage with us that night. One of our songs on the EP is titled,  Screw you Jenny” and our EX drummer Alen on one of a rehearsal mentioned Jenny is pretty similar like saying Jenner. So I made a joke on our show and instead of saying Screw you Jenny I shouted Screw you Jenner. It was all in positively way, but we gave them an apology, because some of people thought we were serious. I hope we will have a great cooperation with the girls, because they are fantastic musicians.

11. Who has designed your logo and the artwork for your first EP? How important is the design and the whole visual concept of the band to you?

Design of the logo has done Lazar Stankovic and the artwork was made by Slobodan Jovanovic. It is really important for artwork to follow the story behind the name of an EP or album. Victim of the night showed the picture of man stalking a young woman, as it is mentioned in the lyrics of the song.

12. What are your plans for future? Can we expect some new stuff from you any soon?

At the moment we are working on the new songs for a debut album and we are having in plan to record one of them in June of this year.As for the shows, we are playing on Scena Fest on the end of May in Novi Sad and after that we will present ourselves for a first time to a crowd in Belgrade.