The trail of dead steps: Dead crossover coming this fall!

Band REDENIK from Belgrade announced the autumn release of their first EP caleed "Mrtvi Crossover". This mini album will contain 7 tracks painted in the blackest necro morbid style, while packed in a parodic metal/punk interpretation. As well as a CD issue, backed by "Dirty Malice Productions" (Belgrade), "Mrtvi Crossover" will get its version on an audio cassette under the auspice of "Grim Reaper Records" (Stara Pazova).

Disk and tape, as well as the very promotion of the EP can be expected this October, and in the meantime REDENIK has released 2 tracks which will attempt to warm the lovers of dark thrash metal and parodic punk. REDENIK was founded in 2014, when they released their first demo material "Unakaženi Um". These songs took part in the cassette split release " Krezivi revolt " ( Redenik / Nadimač / Pro- Past ).