First demo from Serbian thrashers "Pajser"!

A break trough of a new thrash metal band from Brus is a proof that Serbian underground scene is still alive.  They are loyal old school thrash metal with an uncompromising attitude, this new machinery brings us direct and brutal lyrical bombs that will strike you right in the head!

A first demo of the band Pajser will be published by “Jesboligakurac Records” and it will come on a CD and a cassette edition. Jesboligakurac Records, a crew with a hard core, will cheer all thrash metal maniacs with this edition, and the band Pajser is recommended especially to those who favor bands like the old German Sodom or Serbian old school thrash bands like Bombarder and Heller.

As we’re informed, the new demo of the band Pajser comes out very soon and you can pre order your copy via Jesboligakurac Records. Hurry up ‘cause this edition is limited. Pajser is coming!