Armageddon “Eternal Mystery Rediscovered” - new clothes for a proven classic

TMINA Records brings you a forgotten treasure mounted in a new shine – a rerelease of Armageddon’s old album “Eternal Mystery”.

Heavy Metal veterans from Novi Sad, Armageddon, were founded in 1987 by Djordje Letich, at first as a one-man band and considered to be the first symphonic power/prog metal band in south eastern Europe. This solo was a combination of heavy metal and various musical streams creating an experimental and original mixture meticulously combined. Armageddon had no concert performances until 2012 at Exit festival, soon followed by the “Doomsday Concert” in december 2012.

What started as a one-man band, grew to be the “big band” with up to twelve live performers at the time. A big number of members counts singers: Milos Krsmanovic – lead vocal, Vanda Marijanski – mecosopran, Marko Skendzic – tenor, Zeljko Andric – bass-bariton, Vladimir Zorijan– bass; musicians: DjordjeLetic – electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and narrator, Zoran Drazic – electric and acoustic guitars, NebojsaBjeletic – bass guitar, Milos Marceta – keyboards, Tara Kerac – drums, growl vocals. 

Armageddon has recorded several demo albums and a few official releases including the “Doomsday Concert”.Twenty five years ago, in poor conditions and analogue equipment with only eight channels, the “Eternal Mystery” was first recorded. Today, Armageddon brings a rerecorded, remixed and remastered version for you to “Rediscover”! This narrated symphonic journey will lead you trough secrets of life and death on the wings of repolished extended songs. 

“Eternal Mystery Rediscovered” is available since July 10th in Digital and limited CD edition.