Armageddon – Eternal Mystery Rediscovered

Genre:Progressive / Symphonic Metal 

Label: Tmina Records

Format: CD

Our view : 82 %

Lately we’ve been witnessing a big comeback of Serbian metal bands who ruled the scene back in the ‘90s when, in the opinion of many critics, metal music reached the very peak of its success and quality. Speaking of famous Serbian heavy metal bands and not mentioning the band Armageddon would be a big fiasco. This time we’ve had the chance to listen to something old yet covered in new feathers by a legendary Armageddon. Why it is old but new at the same time will be discovered later in the article, while we assure you that this band won’t disappoint you.

Armageddon is a bend from Novi Sad which is one of the first Progressive/Symphonic Metal bands in our region. Under the patronage of “Tmina Records” the band published a re-release of its legendary debut album “The Eternal Mystery”. Now more than two decades old, recorded in the period between 1990 and 1993, “the Eternal Mystery” got its new robe and brought us something outstanding and beyond any doubt a more perfect piece. The name of the whole remixed and extended edition is “Eternal Mystery – Rediscovered”, and believe it or not, unlike the first one recorded on 8channels, this edition was recorded on as much as 128 channels. The first impression is breathtaking in accordance to the fact that the crew that gathered around this project is magnificent, and it counts the string quartet, opera singers and the professional choir of Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad.

Armageddon takes us to its refugee of fantasy mixed with progressive elements with the overture named “Appearing”, which represents an epic theatrical entrance to story of the “Eternal Mystery”. At the very beginning we can recognize a clear fusion of progressive electronic effects and meticulous choir elements, all that colored in a typical story full of fantasy. “No Advice”, the next piece is an extended version of a song recorded in the early ‘90s. Classical heavy metal riffs combined with a brilliant guitar solo parts with a narration on top of that which passes through the whole album giving it an avant-garde taste. A song “The Curse of Black Swan (Intro)”, together with a song “Black Swan Rider” takes us to a dimension of true power metal, and the true lovers of this genre will recognize this song performed by the popular Serbian power metal band Tornado. Fifth in a row is a song “Magic star” which has, besides a few effects and the already mentioned narration, stayed almost completely identical as when first recorded in 1990. A heavy power piece like this has the ability to evoke the same emotions for twenty five years, proving that Armageddon’s piece withstands time. Travelling through the song “Sarabanda in D Minor” we’re arriving to a supreme musical piece “Heavy Metal Symphony Eternal Mystery”. Immortal metal composition full of melodic and atmospheric elements, tucked in the aura of classical music, having in mind that this outstanding piece lasts nearly 28 minutes it is a rarity in metal world, especially in Balkans. Even after this Armageddon doesn’t leave us hungry for powerful tunes, actually, this album contains radio bonus tapes such as shortened version of songs “No Advice” and “Heavy Metal Symphony”, a song “Funeral March – Sarabanda 2015” and a live song “Mordor Overture”.

In our modest opinion, this re-edition of a legendary album certainly presents a one of a kind rebirth in the best possible light. Surely, the sound production on this piece was challenging, which can be noticed in some parts where the digital form hardly fits the oldschool heavy metal aroma, on the other hand, the fact that a professional team of many musicians took part in this project says that this piece is indeed valuable. Besides the spectacular musical value, this album is completed with an excellent design that follows the idea of this band and its symphonic progressive focus, with the label “Tmina Records” making its best efforts to set the quality level very high. 

This re release is a thing that every true metal fan should listen to and have in their collection, because judging by what Armageddon has presented us now we can expect a lot from it in the future which is proven by their performance on EXIT festival this year. This pace, wideness and the idea is exactly what can launch Armageddon up to the top leaving us anticipating for their forthcoming work. Up until then we recommend “Eternal Mystery – Rediscovered” to all lovers of Progressive Symphonic metal and faithful followers of Power Heavy sound. Be sure that this bridge between reality and fantasy, modern and traditional, classic and heavy metal will take you into the Eternal Mystery.