NEW RELEASE by Grom Records - Fjorsvartnir's "'Mzoraxc' Forbandelse" is out!

GromRecords proudly presents the new album by FJORSVARTNIR – “Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse” released on 1st August 2015.

The band Fjorsvartnir was formed in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2010 they emerge on the scene by releasing their first demo “A Praise to My Ancestors Preponderance”. Their debut album “Legions of the North” was released in 2012 by Grom Records, with its covers authentically designed and illustrated by Dragan Paunović who was also in charge of the newest album cover. 

All true lovers of Vikings, battles and Norse mythology won’t be able to resist the sound and theme of Fjorsvartnir. After three years of creation and perfecting to the very details Fjorsvartnir and Grom Records bring us this masterpiece of dark atmospheric Black Metal. “Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse” is released as a standard jewel case CD in 1000 copies and first 50 fans that purchase the album will be awarded with a gift. The album consists of six songs: "Ravneskrig og ulvehyl", "Nordens genopstandelse", "En rejse igennem fortidens riger", "Mzoraxc - Mødet med underverdenen",  "Krigsat" and "Det sidste slag".

Regarding the new album, Fjorsvartnir says that they are satisfied with the sound and production quality in accordance to their goal to strive higher towards the perfection with greater attention to details and emotional atmosphere. They are happy to be able to provide a good quality sound to their loyal and patient fans all over the world and they greet them with a “Loud and roaring HAIL” dedicating this album and all their effort to them.

Grom records states that they are more than proud to have Fjorsvartnir “Back under their wings” as they say, and they invite all of you old traditional atmospheric Black Metal fans to grab this passionately created masterpiece and “rise your beers in the name of the new era of Fjorsvartnir!”