Fjorsvartnir - Mzoraxc' forbandelse

Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Label: Grom Records

Format: CD

Our view : 92 %

It is very well known that in the past two decades the Scandinavian metal scene has achieved what only few regions in the world managed in metal music. Frozen in the shackles of the specific music and above all the dark Nordic metal, Scandinavia is already a built creation of a special metal world. It is obvious that the Norse mythological segment often prevails in Scandinavian metal elements and that he is just one major brand of Nordic image. On the other hand, countless bands at full speed every day present their fans sometimes very similar and therefore ragged things that begin to resemble each other and lose their quality and originality in this “flood”. It is exactly the same situation in the black metal world for years. However, any remotely experienced listener is ready to recognize what comes from the depths of the soul and a way of life of Northerners and the one that does not constitute a mere copy and already seen things. Not every band or project can offer that to you completely, but when you find it you will firmly hold to it.

This time the story takes us to Denmark, from where the band Fjorsvartnir comes. The band was formed in 2007 as a melodic black metal one-man project consisting of a Fjörgynn , who is also known as the drummer of the band Blodarv in which he formerly participated. After the first demo release "A Praise To My Ancestors preponderance" of 2010, the band released her first album “Legions Of The North” in 2012 for the Serbian Grom Records, and this summer Fjorsvartnir brings us the new album “Mzoraxc ' Forbandelse”, which we’ve had the opportunity to listen to.

Melodic intro at the beginning of the first song “Ravneskrig Og Ulvehyl” has entirely introduced the listener into what is characteristic for Fjorsvartnir. Convincing epic elements permeate the whole album completely, while the mentioned track is enriched with atmospheric pagan details. Sudden and lightning-fast changes of rhythm and intonation add the special charm to the melody that Fjörgynn raised to a higher level this time. The next track “Nordens Genopstandelse” with the same story and rhythm evokes the Nordic power that dominates on this album. By far it is already clear that Fjorsvartnir pushes the boundaries of musical abilities and emotional energy which is much more assertive on this album. The same thing finds us on tracks “En rejse igennem fortidens Riger”, “Riget”, “Mzoraxc - Mødet med underverdenen”, each of which build a solid and totally original base. Epic moments prevail also in the sixth track called “Krigssat” in which a beautiful female pagan vocal captivates us bringing the raw verses in an enchanting and intoxicating way. The manifestation of power continues in rough and fast song “Der sidste slag”, while the last track “Valkyrie” brought with perfect emotional female voice of Nanna Barslev (from the band Huldre), closes this album.

Unlike their work in the beginning, we’ve noticed that the “Mozarxc’ Forbandelse” has shown not only the improvement in Fjorsvartnir’s work, but the skill, strength and talent of one man. Therefore it should be mentioned that the production is at a very high level, nor the design is not lagging a bit. The credit for that goes to Dragan Paunovic but to Fjörgynn as well. As for the complaints, they are so tiny and invisible to almost non-existent. It’s certain that those not speaking Danish can’t fully understand every lyrical message of this album, but Fjorgynn made ​​sure that the music is so severe emotional, strong and devastating that It itself is a language that we all understand without any mistake. At the beginning we’ve mentioned the rare ones who will be able to enchant their audience with their skills and music from the very depths of Norse soul, and Fjorsvartnir is certainly one of them.