Superhammer on the Urban Fest in Inđija on the July 5th!

Superhammer & Scott Reagers (Saint Vitus)

Sludge/Stoner Rock/metal band Superhammer from Inđija, who triggered some intense but positive reactions amongst fans of this genre in Serbia and abroad, will perform on 5th July on Urban Fest in Inđija. As a reminder, they published their first album „Snakenest“ at the end of 2014 for „Miner Recordings“. We’ve recently had the chance to hear them as a support  to a legendary machinery Saint Vitus on June 7th in „Dom Omladine“.

Urban Fest  2015 is a project with a goal to promote young artists in the sphere of film, music and visual arts, and it will take place from 2nd to 5th July. All young artists from Inđija and Serbia will have the chance to promote themselves. The netrance is free of charge, and it will be organised at sports fields at the Cultural centre of Inđija.

We would like to mention that besides Superhammer other Belgrade’s metal bands like Jenner (Spped/heavy metal),Centurion (Ethno/prog/heavy), Space Eater (thrash metal), Putrid Blood (thrash/hardcore from Šid) and Alitor (Prog/thrash metal from Inđija) will perform on the 3rd July on Urban Fest.