Redenik/Nadimač/Pro-Past - Krezivi revolt

Finally a 3 way split tape Krezivi revolt, which includes bands Redenik, Nadimač and Pro-past is out. We must mention that this Thrash metal/ Crossover & Grind/Crust split represents another edition of pure underground speed punk .This is a small but significant contribution to serbian underground scene,and another proof of artistic connection of bands and people who support  brutal, fast and extreme music tune. Split tape is limited to 81 copies, and you can purchase it from the jesboligakuracrecords and from the bands themselves. Price is 250 RSD + ptt (3 euros + shipping). This old school street therapy will shake your guts, and bring you back to your roots.  

1.Redenik - Unakaženi um
2.Redenik - Krštenje metkom
3.Nadimač - Smrt autoriteta
4.Nadimač - Grad ispod grada
5.Nadimač - Teslin tenk
6.Pro-past - Orgija
7.Pro-past - Apokalipsa
8.Pro-past - Destructive minds
9.Pro-past - Autopsija
10.Pro-past - Putrefaction (Rolling Stones cover)