Kobold - Madman's Overture

Genre: Thrash Metal 
                                                                                   Label: LOM
Fomat: CD
Our view : 83 %

In the past few years thrash metal wave has started to raven and fill concert halls all over again. In justified or unjustified hysteria of glorifying Thrash metal sound, we must admit that every now and then we can find a good and somewhat original band, so we can say that the situation in Serbia is similar. Some of the Extreme Review magazine crew recently had the opportunity to attend a thrash band Kuga’s gig in Belgrade. Kuga performed along with a young metal band named Lethalik. Even on the first listening they left an impression that Lethalik gathers some very skillful guys, and that they make a quality sound despite the fact that they are quite new on Belgrade’s underground scene. That same impression hasn’t fooled us when we unintentionally ran up against an EP of a new band Kobold. Analyzing certain stuff we realized that the band Kobold is actually the same fresh meat of Lethalik crew, only painted in thrash colors with a fully professional approach to music and all backing details. The band Kobold is formed in 2015 by the guys who played by the name Lethalik since 2012. Only two weeks ago, on 19th May, Kobold released their first EP in a big style. The EP is named “Madman’s Overture” and it was released by the label “LOM”.

The first thing we’ve noticed is that they made quite an effort with the design of the EP. Some may think that this is irrelevant but it’s a great plus, because it shows that this crew really cares for presenting themselves in the very best light. The artwork was done by Pedja Glinevski, and the booklet is the whole twelve pages long. The EP represents a mixture of influences by classical thrash bands that rocked the ’80, and newer Crossover/Thrash bands especially considering the vocals. Lead guitar literally echoes through this EP in the best possible way. Without the lead guitar, which was played by Rigonat Elio (also playing the bass and backing vocals), this EP wouldn’t be able to boast with this kind of gleam as it has now. First in the row is the song “Ravisher”, next comes “Die Hard” and the closing song, personally my favorite, is “Killing for God”. It is very important to mention that the sound production is at a very high level and it completely meets all the criteria for the basic representation of a band.

As for the reviews, some may resent the fact that they have only three tracks on this EP. We would certainly like to hear more from Kobold on this CD, but we must honestly say that even with these three songs they presented themselves completely fine and adequate, and we’re impatiently waiting for what they will offer in the future. All in all, all thrash lovers should listen to what Kobold has cooked for them, and be sure that if they continue like this Kobold will certainly be the name that is carefully followed.