Eris - 10 Years of Blasphemy and Sicknesses

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Grim Reaper Records 
Fomat: CD
Our view : 81 %

In the times when it wasn’t so popular having a black metal band in Serbia, when only few determined accepted this dark art, an idea about a band was born. The band that will be neglected by many as too raw and underground in fact was the one that painted the history of this genre in Serbia. Always beneath the darkness, darker than the underground, loyal to their belief has filled our tape recorders and CD players with roughest and rawest black metal madness for thirteen years and thrust many honest dark followers into a total blasphemy and built their perception of raw underground sounds of the most honest dark souls. Born in a small town, with no big money and protected posing mum’s and dad’s sons, this band has created the otherworldly art that will be talked about and crushed all soft and sweet metal sounds with its brutal satanic message, as bloody as its music is. If you still enjoy the hits of mainstream black metal pussies it is time to enter a deeper dimension and meet the world beneath the underground, a fucking sound from the bowls of hell. It’s time for Eris.

The compilation “10 Years of Blasphemy and Sicknesses”, that we’ve had the chance to hear, is a significant black metal piece, not only for the band itself but the whole Serbian black metal scene. The compilation was published in 2012, at the time when Eris was celebrating their tenth anniversary, and by its author’s opinion it contains the darkest corners and works of the band since their foundation till 2012. As we’ve mentioned, this a historical heritage of one of the rawest, deepest and blackest bands of this kind on our scene. The whole 10 years of inhabiting the underground and expressing a new dimension that Eris represents is certainly the thing that metal followers should recognize. This compilation starting with the song “Awaiting Destiny”, that was also the first one on their first demo “Symbol of Madness”, and all up to the last one, “Unholy”, depicts a clear message to their loyal auditory. It is rare to hear so many blackness, rust and uncompromised attitude anywhere, let alone on our scene. Have you ever wondered what the feeling of the deepest hell is? If you can’t even imagine that Eris will certainly help you! The sound that fucking breaks your eardrums and takes you to a bloodlust reality is a symbol of this unusual band’s insanity. Terror that represents antichristian baptism with vocals of Eris explained to the new kids how does the old masters school of dark arts sound. Also, Necro with his diabolical guitar riffs, as well as Count Zero That is literally performing an exorcism on his drums have capsuled this band into a completely new dimension that will surely be recognized by their fans. Sick blasphemy, just as it suits this band, has been brought by this album published by “Grim Reaper Records”. Cristophe Szpajdel, well known for his excellent work, takes credits for the logo.

A smooth and sophisticated production is not a goal that this band pursuits or is lead by this. That is comprehensible regarding the fact that the darkest dimension that this band represents couldn’t be depicted with something refined and soft, but only with raw and rough bloody legacy of black metal sound. Besides the darkest underground arts, Eris also represents all that is absurd, bizarre and unusual. If you’re committed to black metal sound and this kind of dark art, you should definitely get your copy of this compilation, because what it brings can change your idea of music and open your ears to the sound of true fucking sickness and blasphemy. Many years have passed, but Eris goes on. It’s a huge question of what we could expect, ‘cause these boys won’t stop. They were here when many of you weren’t, and they still will be when you leave. The raw sound can’t die because it’s already dead, and the only thing that will last are the years of blasphemy and sickness together with Eris…


1.Awaiting Destiny  
2.Desecration of the White Christ  
3.Unholy Maria 
5.Symbols of Madness  
6.Vampire (Aleister Crowley)  
7.Tyranny of Longinus 
8.Ave Satanas  
9.Cursed Messiah  
10.Father I Have Sinned  
11.The Coming of Darkness  
12.Thou Shall Rise  
13.Hristov Pad  
15.The Coming of Darkness (Version 2)