New forces of rock 'n' roll 2015 - part two

The second part of mini festival “New forces of rock n' roll 2015”  (Nove snage rokenrola) will be held on Saturday, 24th October, starting at 21:30 in “Quarter” (Novi Sad). Performers are: „Northern Revival“, „Neprijatelj prelazi zeku“, „Po kratkom postupku“ and „Putrid Blood“.

Another concert will be held in the “Quarter” on 24th November and it will present four bands from Novi Sad. Both events will be followed by the jury composed of Obrad Škrbić (NS Koncert godine and Radio NS), Konstantin Polzović (NS Koncert godine and Exit), Predrag Novković (RTV - Oradio), Milan Rakić (Exit and Radio NS) i Srđan Grbić (klub „Quarter“) who will choose one band that will have the honor to open the 2015’s Concert of the Year (ili “NS Concert of the Year 2015”).
Those who would like to apply for the concert in NovemberNovember can send their material in mp3 or waw format or their youtube links to the facebook page or to the e-mail address .
Tickets for both events will be sold In the “Quarter” at the price of 100RSD. All the means from the tickets will be paid in to the Blood transfusion Institute of Vojvodina. The events were sponsored by the Department for Culture of Novi Sad and organised by The association for the promotion of Culture and Arts “Klasik rok”.