Extreme metal festival in Velika Plana on 24th October!

Velika Plana will be richer for one more metal festival that will be held on 24th October in DRUM Bar. This time we’re talking about an extreme metal fest that will gather as much as six bands. This mini festival named “Necro Neurectomy Fest” is arranged with a cause of promoting extreme metal music, so it will present the bands of different subgenre characteristics.

The first Necro Neurectomy Fest is organized in cooperation with DRUM Bar, by the organization/group of extreme metal followers which recently started acting by the name “Dirty Malice Productions” (Belgrade) which is also engaged in musical publishing.

Besides bringing together six bands from different parts of the country, the organizers made sure that “Necro Neurectomy Fest” gets the official markings of a serious event such as the printed posters and a special stage banner, as well as nicely designed collectable tickets as an opening for the ongoing tradition. The event will be supported by a rich marketing offer of the bands performing and the offer within the distributor “Some Kind Of Distro”, as well as the other promo material of Serbian metal labels.

The tickets will be sold at the entrance, at the symbolic price of 150RSD, and everyone who purchases it obtains a chance to win some of physical editions of the bands performing that night.
Details about the time schedule are expected soon, and the doors of the opened some time before 9PM when the first band’s onset is planned for.

The bands performing: