Time schedule for Infest concert in Novi Sad

20:00 Enter
21:00 War Engine
22:00 Alitor
23:00 Infest

Serbian Death/Thrash machinery – Infest is riding again on the wings of Novi Sad’s underground. Serbian Hellbangers in cooperation with Blasphemy 666 Promotions, announces a complete underground massacre which will be held on 19th September, starting at 21h in club “The Quarter”.

A reason for this occasion is a special promotion of their latest LP edition of “Cold Blood War” which was as a CD too published for good old Spanish label “Xtream Music”. The album “Cold Blood War” was highly rated and positively criticized all over the underground world, and the past year for Infest was in sign of a large number of concerts and tours around Europe.

To the delight of many death thrash followers Infest will be accompanied by thrash metalheads from Indjija, Alitor, who are still promoting their debut release “Eternal Depression”, as well as the crossover thrash maniacs from Novi Sad – War Engine.

Tickets for this event will cost only 300RSD and you can buy them on the entrance at the day of the concert from 19h.