Elsewhere Shine released a new single, album in preparation!

Elsewhere Shine introduced a new single that symbolically represents the beginning of a new chapter in this bands opus. This Doom/Atmospheric band from Prokuplje was founded in October 2012, and not long after, as a serious musical project it gains a small but meaningful number of faithful fans sympathizers of Doom/Atmospheric orientation and progressive elements.

After the recent end of cooperation with the previous singer Miodrag Fodora, the band has presented a new singer Jadranka Stanic from Indjija. Jadrnka is known for her work with the bands Superhammer and Creation of Nothing and studio work on several more projects, and as Elsewhere Shine is saying, she will bring a new emotion to the songs contrasting the strong vocal of Bojana Panovska.

The newest single "Mater Morbi" was recorded before the change of personnel, therefore the vocals were interpreted by Bojana Panovska and now former singer Miodrag Fodora. Guitars and bass were played by Igor “Jimmy” Stanic (Superhammer, Creation of Nothing), everything else, including the piano and drums programming was done by Marko Sinadinovic, the founding leader of the band. The production, mix and mastering was signed by Boris Surlan, known for cooperation with Midnight Rain and Claymorean.