Belgrade’s cryptic, “ritual” events in the past few months gave us a chance to meet various old and new Serbian  bands, however one of them made an exceptional impression on a large part of the audience. They come from Belgrade, firstly gathered in Čačak in 2001, they are the darkest and rawest black metal band called Vergel. Our crew brings you the latest news of the black metal underground interviewing these guys!

1. Can you tell us something about your very beginnings? How, when and where have you gathered? What does the name Vergel mean actually? Does it have some special significance?

The band was founded in 2001 in Čačak (Serbia) and in the beginning it was a two-man band; EVL on guitar and COLDKAOS on vocals, later on bass and vocals. The first riffs we ever made were black metal, so it was kind of natural for us to go that way, following the instinct. We chose the name Vergel, it derives from an obscure dream. The only memory upon awakening is that word as a personal name of someone…

2. You were fist called Instinctum, and you changed it into Vergel in 2004. what are the reasons for it? Have you changed any band members since 2001 and who represents the band today?

At some point we felt like we wanted a more authentic and personal name for the band, it was the evolution of the idea, music and us. Vergel fitted better with the expression, though we didn’t have a stable line-up for years and few members have come and gone. But from 2014 the trio is: COLDKAOS on vocals and bass, EVL on guitars, BERSERKER on drums.

3. How big was the crowd at the black metal gigs at your very beginnings and has it changed since?

When we started playing black metal in Čačak back then, there weren’t any other black metal bands or musicians who played that genre of music. Many didn’t know about that and the others had their opinion based on fear, you could even feel a lot of animosity actually. We heard rumors that some people wanted to ban us through the local church. Their assumption was that we ritually sucked blood from animals like cats. That was a very good reputation in a black metal way. Generally, today’s Serbian metal scene is much richer than in 2001, more people play black metal (and other metal genres) and you have more places and festivals where you can play your music, as it is much more accepted today.

4. Your first demo hasn’t been released up till 2006. What was the reason for such a delay, considering you were gathered in 2001?

We didn’t want programmed drums on our records, that is the only reason why we didn’t record anything until 2006. It’s our own view on black art as it should be. During that time, we (EVL and COLDKAOS) played in local bands Last Funeral and Litter Infection up until 2006 when a drummer came in, but only for a short period of time and we managed to record the first demo. In 2009 EVL moved to Belgrade and the band was on hold from 2009 to 2014.

5. There is a song called “Banished souls echo” at your first demo album, which implies that the main topic of your lyrics is quite dark and occult. Considering that, where does the inspiration come from, and is it related with your private life in any matter?

For us, music is like “painting” with the sound. Riffs and verses are always a matter of the unconscious, never planned in forward, just coming out as parts of a bigger plan. So they are kept on a level of a moment, true feeling. Starting with those we realized then where it might take us and we combine all elements simply projecting our passion. So, the inspiration comes from the freedom, released passion. It’s same for music and life to be fulfilled.

6.  Which bands had the most influence on Vergel’s work?

Scandinavian black metal bands have the greatest influence on us, mostly from the early-mid 90’s and the 80’s metal bands in general. But we don`t listen only to black metal. Influences are wide just like our interests.

7. After another long break you release your second demo in 2015. In your point of view, how important is it for an underground black metal band to have a good and quality music production? Could bands with less production quality still make the best of them?

Black metal production can go in many ways, from primitive to complex. The best thing would be if you can get the right production for your own ideas. It must be authentic, to bring the atmosphere to the listener and drag him in. Keeping in mind when the production is so clean and polished, it takes away from the chaotic and evil sound. There’s no such thing as a synthetic passion, you do have it raw or not.

8. However, your second demo sounds even more brutal and raw no matter what. Does it mean that we can expect something bigger from Vergel, like an EP or even an album?

We plan to record our first EP (4 songs) this year, full length album is coming out next year.

9.  Our crew had the chance to listen to your live performance, and you sound absolutely brutal. Do you have some plans for some more gigs any soon? Any plans for future?

We don’t have exact plans for concerts, because our focus are on the upcoming record.

We thank you for your time and hope to hear some new stuff from Vergel! See you at some of the forthcoming rituals! Cheers!

Thanks, cheers!