The Kryptonite Sparks as a support for Black Label Society in Belgrade

Kryptonite Sparks are part of the new wave of Romanian rock. This trio is an eclectic mixture of hard rock, indie, alternative, funk, avant-prog and pop-rock resembling the likes of Cream, Arctic Monkeys, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.

The band was formed in 2013, when the two brothers returned from their studies in London on The Institute of Contemporary music. Inspired by the UK's 70s vibe and indie subculture they've relesed their first EP.

In 2014 they joined the biggest alternative rock band in Romania, Vita de Vie, in their national tour. For their musical activity they received the Metalhead “Best Alternative Newcomer” prize. They are currently competing in the national final of the Global Battle Of the Bands. 2015 saw the arrival of “Esti”, the first single taken off their upcoming second EP (2 // The Second Wave of Cosmic Noise).